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Oct 10, 2011

Prayer Request

So tomorrow Jash is heading to Bonifay (its a small town like 45 mins ago..2 towns over) he has a job interview. Well...he already has the job... but still. Its super exciting!!! We've been praying for this for awhile. The prayer request...his truck is pretty bad. Its about to blow like any day and I'm stressing and worried...that tomorrow on his way its gonna break down and he will be stuck. I'm out of money and there for... my phone is out of service right now. :/ so I can't text. I'm just...i'm praying tomorrow goes well... if you could just pray for us I would appreciate it very much. Thanks! <3

Oct 6, 2011


New Pix! 


OK so like a week ago or so I woke up with an extreme creative desire!! I've been painting and creating! Check out my new blog! The CrazyRibbonLa