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Apr 24, 2011

A Little Note...

Do you know how important these past few days and next 3 are? As a Christian and a Missionary... these days are the days that are why I live. People call this time Easter. If you've ever heard someone use words such as "saved", "gospel", "Palm Sunday", "Good Friday", "Resurrection Sunday" or any other names... they all come from these days. Being a Christian, you should understand that this "Salvation" that we hold to... actually happened. The past few weeks I've been reading through the Gospel books of Mathew, Mark and John. I haven't rad Luke yet...yeah I know..out of order. Anyways... each of these books tell us of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. This time called "Easter" is the time we celebrate. Why? Well...I did some research on that and read below. But first.. Lets talk. Lets get real for a moment. Those of you who claim the name of Christian do you know what that really means? I sat at dinner today with a man who works at my college and he asked Jash and I was verses we like. He said he was new to all this stuff and doesn't know much. I said I've only been saved since 2006. Then what he said next has repeated in my head all day. "Saved? I don't even know what Saved means." Are you claiming to be a Christian and you don't know what being saved is? I sadly have to admit I was caught off guard and my response was not what is should have been. I sit here now on this couch and think ... that moment with the bible open...of all things to say I didn't say "being saved, is the moment when you truly realize that You are guilty. That you deserve death because of the sin in your life. (sin: anything you think, say, or do that displeases God. Sin separates us from having a relationship with God. God can bot be with sin, therefore while we live fully in sin we can not live with God.) When You, with your heart, believe that Jesus Christ came to die for the payment of your sins. When you ask God for forgiveness of the sin you choose to consume your life and turn from it and fully live in God. That moment you are saved. Saved? Saved from what? Saved from an eternal life in Hell. Hell, a place of constant death, pain, fire. This moment is the most amazing moment of your life. Because you are now given life. Before this moment your were dead and destined to hell. But, But.. There is a but. God's but. But Christ has died for those who believe in him. The bible says the "I am the way, the Truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." Jesus himself says this. You no longer have to feel that guilt because your crime, your payment, your ultimate sacrifice was payed. Your bond was purchased with his blood. Being saved means I have life in Christ Jesus and will be never have to live in that place called hell." Something along those lines are what I should have said. But I didn't. Maybe soon we will sit down again and talk. The reason I brought this all up is because this "Holiday of Easter" that is celbrated with eggs, and candy and bunnies... these very days are the days that Christ died.
Ok....this is the end of my post for now... I'll add more later..

Apr 22, 2011

What A Great Thought..

"Eternally separated from God, and the only way to fix it is through death. someone got to be perfect.Or the payment ain't permanent. So if and When you find the person who is perfect get them to willingly trade their perfection For your sin and debt in. CLEARLY the only one who can meet God's criteria IS GOD! God sent himself as Jesus to pay the cost for us"


Apr 21, 2011

Shout Out!!

I just wanted to say that I really enjoy blogging and I love just writing whatever thoughts come. Something else I have begun to enjoy is seeing who views my blog. Whats really cool is being able to see what countries people live in. I just want to send a shout out to whoever occasionally is viewing my blog from Denmark. Its kind of cool to see that my random dumb thoughts and ramblings have be read by someone else in the world. Also Croatia, Indonesia, United Kingdom, India, Canada, Poland, Qatar, Singapore and finally my peeps here in the United states. SO to everyone who has viewed my silly journal I want to say THANK YOU!!!! Also thank you for any comments that are left. :) Have a wonderfully blessed day

Apr 19, 2011

Perfection On The Outside

Writing Prompt, attempt 2.

The daily race is sometimes just too hard to run. Never knowing what will happen. Never knowing if this will be the last day. What if I make a mistake. What if it hurts worse than the last one. What if I don't complete my task. Will pain be my friend today? Everyday she rises with the sun. She starts the day making sure she looks up to his standards. Her face is to be perfect. Not a smudge or a blemish. Make sure to hide the color change in places. Her hair is to be exact and how he likes. It is to fall just right to hide the things no one wants to see. She is to wear what looks the best. Making sure she looks worthy of him. She needs to be up to standard. She continues the morning trying her hardest to prepare the day. She runs the laundry and hangs the clothes on the line. Picking out his clothes and ironing them. Make sure its all done before time. Waking the children and preparing them for their day as well. Keeping them quiet and in control. Brushing hair, brushing teeth, Dressing, and off to school. He awakes. He showers. She must time it all just right. The toast must not be too soft. Too burnt. Too Hot. Too cold. The eggs must be right. Not too runny, Not scrambled, Not boiled. What mood will he be in today. Will he be angry or will he be ok. Please don't let this be the thing that breaks the glass. His footsteps come down and his chair pulls out. She grabs the toast as it comes out and slides the eggs onto the plate. perfect time. Everything is perfect. She sets it on the table in front of him. He takes a bite. Picks up his plate. Smash! As the eggs run down the wall the toast just lays there. Pieces of her blue and white plate just lay there. She stands against the counter. Terrified. He stands. Looks at her. From her shoes to her hair he examines her. Smack!! She looks down to the grown. No tears. No point for tears. He goes about his yelling. He grabs her arm and throws her to the ground. Pointing to her like a dog. His dog. A command is given. She begins to clean the wall and floor. The door slams. He is gone. She silently cleans. Tears form against her wishes. Down her face the flow. Onto the floor the splat. Silently. Everyday, no mater what. Those eggs just are never enough. Maybe tomorrow will be the day. Maybe she won't be there. Maybe she will leave. But...if she does..who will make the eggs and toast? She stays just in case tomorrow things will be different. Maybe tomorrow she will get it right. Maybe tomorrow he will be kind and say thank you and I love you. clean up her mess and start with the rest.

The Missional Church... simple

Jash and I have been discussing what our future holds. He is going to be a pastor and so the big thing is "What kind of church will it be?" is an idea. Question.. is this really a new idea? Or have we "made Church" made it something it wasn't originally created for. church about coming to a building, being counted and added to a tally sheet for attendance? Is it just dropping change in the offering plate as it comes by or pretending to listen to pastor preach? hmmm..... maybe this "Missional Church" Is more of what Christ would want.

Apr 16, 2011


Easter Changed My Day from onetimeblind on Vimeo.

Magpie Tales- Prompt Writing

So Jash is doing this poetry prompt writing.He showed me the picture of the week and I was inspired to write my own little something. A story kind of came to my head about a woman...
Here is the website

The Woman:
She arrives fifteen minutes before. Thinking its better to be early than late. Maybe have conversation with strangers to pass the time. Imagining the color of eyes or how she will feel to hear those first few words spoken and what they might be. This might be the first meeting for the first in a while. This may be the last. A woman. Age... unknown. She may be in her twenties or passing through her fifties. Is this a lover she is waiting on or the possibility of a lover, or even one who once was. No doubt she came early to due the the anxiety or maybe this was a night alone. Just for her. To celebrate the freedom of being, and wandering. This glass represents many women and their stories. She spent the day planning in her head what to wear. From her bra and panties to the dress and nylons. Whether to up do her hair or let it float down. So many decisions to be made. Will heels look too much or flats not enough? The questions are overwhelming. As she drives she thinks whether or not she will drink or stick to water. Should she eat and what should it be? Make sure nothing is in her teeth. At the red light she looks in the review mirror to check her make up one last time. Her lips. The one thing she is confident in. She pulls out her color. Red. Its like putting on confidence. Brings everything together and she feels like everything will work. She drives up and the valet takes her keys. She walks in. Arriving early she has the upper hand. Tripping when walking in or trying to find the right table. The cards are in her hand. The first sight of her won't be clumsy or embarrassing. Sitting at the table she picked. She will be able to control what he or anyone sees while she sits and waits for time to pass. Now this woman may be meeting someone for the first time. Set up on a blind date. She may be waiting for her boyfriend or husband. At this point hes running late. Refilling her glass and moving it around the table...little rings of mist and the sweat from her glass become her company. She sits and waits. Maybe this is a special engagement, an anniversary or birthday, or just the weekly dinner. Sadly too much time has passed and she waits. Watching others eating, laughing, whispering to one another. Engaging in private conversations. But she just sits there and waits. This woman sits and thinks. Now she may like I've said, been meeting someone new. It may be someone whom she is in love with now. But also...this maybe someone that once was. Once was a lover, once was a friend, once was more to her than anything. Reuniting with the past. Wondering what the future holds. So many ideas of who this guest could be. But for now she sits and sips her glass of wine and moves it around the table. On first arrival she was freshly done. But now her bobby pins have readjusted and her hair spray has weakened. Little strands begin to move and falling all around. Her shoes have slipped off and she leans back a little in her chair or booth. Now she is relaxed. Her camouflage is now wearing off. As she sits...

Another thing I thought when I looked at this picture:
I see her across the room. Sitting in her beautiful dress and matching heels. Her hair so perfect and her make up just right. She sits and sips on her glass of wine. I'm not sure if she is meeting someone or if she is confident enough to come out alone. She sits there and glances at the door. I can't tell what her age is. She seems to be much older than I. I'm 21 and not sure of much in life. I sit and worry and can't stay still in my seat. She sits so confident. I see her lipstick from her. Red. Wow. What confidence to wear such a color. I wear a darker pink. But she, she wears red. She has these wrinkles on her face. But they are so beautiful. What life she must have lived. What stories she can tell. She sits in dim of light. The only words I can use to describe her are, collected her her thoughts, tranquil, composed, easygoing... Placid. She looks at her watch and sudenly she is up and moving towards the door. Her hand runs across the table as her body faces the door. She leaves a tip and walks out. Now..all that is there of her .... is her confidence..left on her glass. Red

Apr 14, 2011

A Call to Anguish - David Wilkerson

After I watched this...I was truly broken. Wow... I am nothing but a failure. I should be a Sunday school teacher who weeps in prayer for those students who are lost. I don't have God's heart or burden. I took this Christian walk on the easy thought... well I thought wrong. I sit here on Facebook while my family and friends are going to hell... This video.... AMAZING!! Try not to be affected by this.

Apr 12, 2011

My Personal Kryptonite this is where I share what my very own kryptonite is. Here they are...

1) Writing outlines. OH HATE THEM!!! If I can't actually see what it looks like and where things go and what things to look for...I'M LOST!!!! I just need a fill in the blanks and i'd be great!
2) Asking for Help. I don't know how to ask someone for help. I hate it. It shows weakness... But what really sucks... is when I do...and people don't pick up on it or just sort of don't care or want to... It may not be the case but thats how I feel
3) Being over weight. 208 lbs
4) Jealousy!!!!!!!! UGH!!!
5) Caring so much what people think about me and my actions and choices.
6) Failing in the eyes of those I love.
8) I can't have a lot of close friends. I can really only handle 2 or 3 at a time and really give 100% to those relationships
9) Being open. Sometimes... you can just share to much
10) Wanting to please people...It doesn't really matter all the time.
11) Not showing Affirmation of love to those close
12) Cleaning my ROOM!!!
13) Making excuses
14) Not showing that I care. That I want to be with someone or that I want to put them in a special category.
15) Sometimes I over look people
16) Scared of failure
17) There are many more....but i'll add some later.

Apr 9, 2011

Helen Keller Jokes

OK.. I'm gonna take a moment and be VERY IMMATURE!! Haha. I'd just like to share some of my favorite Helen Keller jokes. I know its awful..but hey...I have nothing against the deaf. I have several deaf friends. I just find Helen Keller jokes funny just like some find Chuck Norris Jokes funny.

Did you know that Helen Keller had a dollhouse in the backyard? Neither did she
How did Helen Keller burn her ear off? Answering the iron!
How did she burn the other one off? They called back!
How come Helen Keller can’t have kids? Because she’s dead!
Why can’t Helen Keller drive a car? She’s a woman.
How did Helen Keller break her arm while in the car? Trying to read a stop sign going 80
What do you call a tennis match between Helen Keller and Stevie Wonder? Endless love
How did Helen Keller meet her husband? On a blind date!
How did Helen Keller pierce her ear? Answering the stapler
How did Helen Keller’s teachers punish her for talking in class? They made her wear mittensHave you seen a picture of Helen Keller’s dad? Neither has she!
Why does Helen Keller play the piano with one hand? Because she sings with the other!
What’s Helen Keller’s excuse every time she loses a competition? She couldn’t see
Why did Helen Keller’s last relationship not work? Her boyfriend complained about how she never listened to his problems.
How do you punish Helen Keller? Give her a Basketball and tell her to read it.
Why is it okay to tell Helen Keller jokes? Because she can’t hear them anyway!


OK.. so another day of spring break and pictures!!! We went to St. George Island Sunday. It was great. Got up early had pancakes and the family was off! What was really awesome was that we got to see this Hispanic church baptizing people! How awesome and amazing :D

Apr 5, 2011

David's Bridal

So April 2st Mom, Jash and I all went to David's Bridal to look at Bride's Maid dresses for a wedding that i'm in. Mom and I both posted it as our status on Facebook and my grandma called and aunt where freaking out. It was kind of funny. So we just went with it. Mom loved it. We took pix and had plenty of laughs about it. My favorite part.... while we where there the three of us talked about Jash and I getting married and dresses and colors and things we have talked about privately that we want in our was cool to hear my mom talk too. :)

Mom thought it was funny to take pix of both places. They just happened to be next to each other. She almost had Jash stand by under this sign and me under the other.

OK So... This is the style of dress. NO!!! The dress is not going to be black! It will be marine. Thats a lot more pretty than black. Also... this 4 sizes TOO big. But it was all they had so we could get an idea. The bottom dress. The strapless... Is the dress without the neck part and in my actual size. But yeah. :) So when I get the dress and get it fixed I'll post those pix.

Dress Up With Alyssa

Ok so Like I said in previous entry My sister and I got a bunch of dresses from Ross and had a little fashion it is.


so this is our Pizza night! This was soo much fun. I had fun. Mom was making fun of us cause we took forever. Jash and I kept playing and it was great. I hope you enjoy our pix

We call this mushroom Love. Jash kept just putting them on the pizza and mom was like "Jash! you have to spread them out so they aren't on top of each other." Jash said back "Oh so you don't like Mushroom Love on your pizza?" haha It was so funny