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Feb 23, 2011

A Siren and her Sailor

So this is a conversation over Facebook I HAD to share.
It all started with my status

Me: Did you konw taht it dosen't mtater in waht odrer the lrttees in a wrod are? The olny impartont tihng is taht the frist and lsat leettr be in the rgiht pcale.

Jash: Ugh. I am utterly at a want for words. You are my perpetual antagonizer, and I am quite sure I will never get a day's rest from your incessant attempts to make me cringe with your vulgar derision for the English language.

Me:but you love me :)
and you wouldn't dare dream of fighting back. ♥

Jash: As true as that may be, I still find contemptible your haphazard arrangement of letters, and utter disregard for grammatical functions. You certainly are my siren as it were. Though your beauty is undisputed, I must plug my ears at the first signs of your song of veritable grammatical disarray.

Me: Well my sweetheart whose words come with such beauty and flow... I can't but help to do such things or sing such songs... see when i do... you alway come to me and resuce me from these grammatically incorrect songs... Its my way of bringing you to me. Just to see...if you will. I must say...when these times come...I love it. You make me blush and giddyness fills me. "Though your beauty is undisputed." :) umm... see you can pretty much win any argument with lines like that. haha
Siren...isn't that a little harsh? :P

Jash: I wouldn't think so. The Siren was a spectacularly beautiful creature whose powerful song could overpower the heart of any poor, unassuming sailor. And when they swam to her, they found themselves hopelessly overtaken. I believe that this poor, unassuming sailor has certainly been overpowered. And wheras those ancient seafarers found that her beauty was their demise, I find that your beauty is my exaltation. The undeserved reward of a misfit wanderer.

Me:‎.... the only words I am able to come up with are few. ....But...umm...
:) I Love You!!!! argument... You win!
I'll always be your Siren, if you will always be my Sailor. ♥
‎(Just so you know you can't reuse these lines over and over...)
Being the creative words-man that you are.... I don't think you'll have a problem. ;)

Jash: What can i say, except that I draw my creativity from a most infinite inspiration.

Me: Jesus?

Jash: Quite. Him and his daughter.

Me::D QUITE? Haha Have you met me? ;)
♥ haha I know what you mean.
yes exactly
ou make sine of it... that s your job.

(See this is where...I thought he wrote quiet. not Quite)

Jash: Well, as much as I shall certainly try to make sense of your disarray, I hope i will not be found lacking in wit for your most unorganized beauty.

Me: unorganized... You SOOOO get me!
Thats just 1 of the 1,000 reasons I love you.

Jash: Hmmmm, I have more like 100,345,895,097.69 reasons...

Me: now..your just trying to one up me... :(
I didn't think that was the kind of love we shared. :'(
was I mistaken??

Jash: Most certainly not. I just have more reasons because you are most unfathomably deep and undiscovered, whilst I am just a humble sailor with barely enough depth to sustain such a wonder as you.

Me: Ok...Dear sailor... Careful you don't tread into uncharted and dangerous waters.... If you use all your life perserves you won't have any for later ;-) And you know that I have more than 1,000 reasons for loving you. I was just thinking of the fact that each day I find 1,000 new reasons for loving you. (and really...placing a number isn't right because 1,000 doesn't truly justify or explain the real love I contain for you)
When I look into your eyes and say, "I love you" Those three simple words shoul say much more than 1,000...and if they don't...I guess i'm not doing a very good job. :(

Jash: Well, I believe we have already discussed the fact that with an inspiration such as you, I cannot run dry of creativity. Also, I don't have any life preservers, I threw them all away to become vulnerable for you, these are simply feeble attempts to show just how captivated I really am. And, as for the rest, I have one word to say... Rubbish.

Me: you win. As always
(that was slightly painful to type)

End Of conversation...

Privately we responded with these:

Dear Sailor,
I Love You!
Forever and Always,
Your Siren

Dear siren
I love you Forever And ever I shall never wander the seven seas any longer,
for I have found my treasure, and she is unmatched in beauty and valuer.
*valueLoveYour sailor.

Feb 20, 2011

Barnes And Noble

This is to Jash. If you've ever sat in a Barnes and Noble you know that in the coffee area the great poets and authors are all gathered. A book store is simply not just a book store... but a silent party house. The greats and not so greats gather with each other. The debate and argue, they silently sit. Some un-entertained for long periods of time. While some barley get free time. Here in a book store if you look all around, the company in which you find ourself is really well renown. My love takes me here, to this place of great refuge and tells me his stories and memories. Sometimes we cry, some times we laugh some times we share kisses in front of Hemingway. But here is my thank you. I hope you understand.

Barnes and Nobles
By Emily

Our usual spot:
A table so round
Two seats that match
And company all around

While we sit
You read to me.
An invitation to your world,
You begin to attempt and unfurl

Feeling so enthralled
You introduce me to them all
These friends of yours make no sound
but gather all around

The Blue Book when your Happy,
The Yellow Book when your Sad,
Hemmingway, Poe, and the unknown
They gather all around.

As we sit at our table
We are not alone.
Looking up, they sit,
With wonder and woe.

Their eyes look down at us
With silent judgement but no loud fuss.
To see if i am worthy
To be the audience.

The pages turn,from New and old,
In which they hold,
Little parts
Of your heart.

I sit in amazement and joy
I have yet to fully employ
This part of you that can just be
That really makes you free

Thank you Dear,
For I no longer fear
In this place once you fled
Now I have been led.

Feb 15, 2011

My Promise

This is something I have writen. Its not the best and it is in need of improvemnet. From Me to you I appologize. I love you my sweet, sweet Valentine.

Days Come and go
Seasons are year round
An hour feels so slow
When you are not around.

This love in which i'm held in captivation,
My heart feels overwheming realization
By your words of pain I am told
Of how I have been so cold

How long have you been hurt by me?
When all along I didn't see, I made it all about me.
Hiding back each tear
I hope Now I don't hender you to love in fear

A promise to you I want to make
To shake the walls and hope they break
To listen first and let you speak
To encourage you when you freak

This promise I shall keep
For to bed you shall not sleep
A promise I hope to inhance
Always frist we shall dance

To speak sweetness and cheer
To whisper "I love you" in your ear
To always be there wheverver your at
To make you laugh,I will kick a cat

I Pormise,Promise, Promise
I know sometimes I completely miss
But these are the things I promise you
Even though my words come few.

Forever and Always

Feb 13, 2011

Silly Valentines Day Poems

If I were...
If I were a key, I would lock you;
If lightning, then I would shock you;
If I were a pier I would dock you;
If I had a band I would rock you.
If I were a spoon, I would feed you;
If I were a house, I would deed you;
On Valentine’s Day, I must plead you,
Valentine, I really need you!
By Joanna Fuchs

Feb 3, 2011

Reunited At Last!!!

Journal Entry January 16 2011

So Yesterday I was finally back in the arms of the one I love! Oh I just ..... :) Nothing can really explain how i felt or anything... But I will tell you how it all happened. I was dying to be back at school as soon as possible. I spent a week doing church planting in Lees burg Florida... (i'm going to post about that soon...) so I had a week away from my family and I was with some friends from school. It was kind of like a tease. I had to come back to school and stay here for a few days... it was so hard to be back home and the one that my heart calls home wasn't able to be found anywhere. I even went and sat on the dock and my heart just ached... The entry Only The Stars Understand is a result. It was really hard to be on campus. Then I had to leave and go back to my family's house for a week. I was really heart broken to say goodbye to my home and I knew in two days he was going to be exactly where I was. :( I was trying to do anything to get back early. My mom was gonna bring me back on Sunday after church. The problem with her plan was that well 1) it kept me away from Jash even longer. 2) Coming back from a break on a Sunday afternoon is really hectic. There is unpacking to do and roommate bonding to be factored into the equation... and 3) I just wanted to go back and be with my love who I haven't seen in WEEKS! But my plan and her plan weren't exactly matching up. During the week I worked on homework and packed and cleaned and did random things at home like playing the Wii. Then on like Thursday JJ (Jash's roommate) messaged me and asked if I would possibly be happy about coming home early. I said well DUH! Then he told me that he was coming through Tallahassee Saturday afternoon and I could jump a ride!!! I was sooo excited. I didn't consult my mom I just simply told her my new plan and that it was best because she didn't have to pay for gas. That won her over. haha So things where in set! I was coming home Saturday afternoon!!

When Saturday came I was so excited. I had decided not to tell Jash that I was coming back early. He was already back like on Thursday. We had been texting and talking about how great it would be. We said that when I got back Sunday I should text him the word Shakespeare. Which would mean that I was on the dock waiting for him. At times we call each other "My Romeo" or "My Juliet". And like my previous post about the stars understanding that was a reflection of our relationship. Well Thursday when we were texting I slipped up and said I was packing... and Jash was like why so early?..... umm... I told him he has seen how I pack...I needed to start early. HAHA. On Friday we were on the phone talking and he was .....having a rough day. There were all kinds of little thing that were going on. We were discussing our future plans and all kind of things. I was in an overly excited mood and he was kind of ...not... He had a tough day and just...seemed to keep going. I told him I had a surprise for him. I teased him about if i should tell him then or keep it a secret. We were going back and forth and then he said "Ok babe you can give it to me Sunday". I said "No I can't." He said "Why?" and I said "Because I'm coming home tomorrow." There was a long pause...and he was like "ummm what?!... Are...Are you serious. Do NOT Play with me Em." I just laughed and said "Hun i'm leaving tomorrow and JJ is bringing me back" We talked about how excited we where to finally be seeing each other and about how great it will be to just hug and talk and hold hands and kiss again. :) We decided that when I got back I would text him "Shakespeare" and he would meet me on the dock.

Saturday came and Jash and I were texting all day. I told him I wasn't going be leaving until like 3 or 5. I thought I would probably even come back later..... We talked about how we would hang out for just a little bit that night but the thing is ....I was actually leaving around noon. While I was texting him in the car I was telling him I was still packing. When we got into town I told him I was meeting JJ at the mall. As I was carrying everything into my room I told him I was loading up in the car. Jj gave me a ride back up to school and he was gonna go into the room and open the door and say SHAKESPEARE! But....Jash wasn't in the room!!! JERK! I texted him and sent Shakespeare. I waited and reply...He wasn't anywhere around....ugh.. I felt so defeated. I walked over to the rail and looked down at the water. Every time I came to this spot I felt sad... because he was never there. It has been a month and every time I have looked over my shoulder he hasn't been there. I had this sudden... well....maybe this time... I just really didn't want that sinking feeling of disappointment. However there is always that but..what if ...maybe this time... So I turned around. My heart skipped a beat and everything just stopped. He was there. Right there. In my favorite pink stripped shirt. There he was. With those beautiful hazel eyes. There he stood. With that smile .... I held back my words, the scream of excitement, my tears...and i just ran to him. I almost knocked him over. There we stood in the longest most amazing embrace of my life! His arms were finally around me. I could smell him, and feel his heart beat, and hear his breathing and smell and feel just every little thing that I missed. We kissed. Oh my... I can't even explain how that kiss shook me. I honestly could not tell that this was real. So many dreams had I woken up many times I just wanted this...FINALLY!!!! We kissed and the next thing I know.. we start dancing on the dock. We don't even speak except for the few I missed you, I love you, Is this real, I don't want to let go. I was so happy. :D We sat on the dock and talked and gazed into each others eyes. We held hands and would get up and dance. We danced for hours. People's voices could be heard but who cares about them right?! haha. I was Finally reunited with my Romeo.