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Nov 7, 2011


WOW!!! Its been a long time! LOTS has happened. So Jash's truck did not make it. He ended up calling a friend and the guy came and took him to his interview. He got the job, however..... its November 7th and his boss hasn't called him back for work! I have a lot of things to catch up on but at the moment I have pictures I want to post! haha. The wedding from my fried came and went. It brought.... a dress I hate. It was WAY TOO LOW!!! (and tight) and an AMAZING conversation with my Jash.. but... yeah. Jj took some pictures for Jash and I so here they are:

Nov 1, 2011

Ramen Costumes For Halloween!

So yesterday was Reformation (Halloween) Day. At our school we had a costume party..contest kind of thing. It was a little lame but yeah. SO Jash and I were Reformed Ramen Noodles. The back of our costumes were the 95 Theses that Martin Luther nailed on the church door. When I get a chance i'm gonna take pictures and post them. 

Oct 10, 2011

Prayer Request

So tomorrow Jash is heading to Bonifay (its a small town like 45 mins ago..2 towns over) he has a job interview. Well...he already has the job... but still. Its super exciting!!! We've been praying for this for awhile. The prayer request...his truck is pretty bad. Its about to blow like any day and I'm stressing and worried...that tomorrow on his way its gonna break down and he will be stuck. I'm out of money and there for... my phone is out of service right now. :/ so I can't text. I'm just...i'm praying tomorrow goes well... if you could just pray for us I would appreciate it very much. Thanks! <3

Oct 6, 2011


New Pix! 


OK so like a week ago or so I woke up with an extreme creative desire!! I've been painting and creating! Check out my new blog! The CrazyRibbonLa

Sep 21, 2011

One Year!

So its here. My One Year anniversary with Jash. Its been a pretty nice day. Got up..(late) and walked to school. I kind of felt gross cause I didn't get a shower but I thought I had an exam this morning. Nope! Got moved to next week :) Then I saw Jash. We both had on our D-Now shirts from when we started hanging out and when everything pretty much started.  Well I went home and he went to class, I worked out, cleaned and showered. Back up to school for lunch and class. All day I've been craving anything BUT school food! Like Canton (Chinese) or just something. Well I wanted to make today specail I mean...Its our anniversary for crying out loud!! So I did my hair and make up and I am wearing a cute skirt and yeah. :) I tried haha. Well he said I looked very pretty :) We had lunch, then I had class and now we are just kind of sitting. chillin, playing on facebook, reloading my iPod, he is working on a lesson for tomorrow he is teaching. I'm very proud of him. We have church tonight. So we are leaving soon to head to that. Not a very eventful day but its nice. Just kind of doing our normal thing :) Just us. Well Got to go. Thats all I really had sorry.

Sep 20, 2011


OK best part... upside down.. Smarty


I love his face!



So Here are some new photos! Jash and I went to Tally for the weekend. 
Here are the results. We went to The Tallahassee Junior Museum. :) It was fun

Jash, Me, Grandma, Alyssa

Mom said this could be us and our first house. HAHA (NO)

The End :)

Its only Tuesday...

Stressed To A Breaking Point
So... I'm feeling...just... a few posts ago I talked about jealousy... well.. I'm trying really hard. But if I hear about anyone else getting engaged soon.... i'm gonna just.... ugh. I know my time will come and I've accepted that. But I'm a girl who has come to a point in life where I am about to be 22 and I'm over being a teenager and I just want to live my adult life. All my girlfriends from home are married and having birthday parties for their 1 year olds, and working, and just... life is happening. I feel...just... Something has to give!!! I need assurance my life is something. I"m not just stuck at this blasted school with people who are fake and a bunch of professors telling me what my convictions are! I know I know I know.. right now is not the time. Nothing is lined up to go any where and I have to be patient and wait. But I'm still a woman who has emotions. (yes i'm PMSing so they are a little more intense) I am feeling... stuck. I have no car, no job, no place to call my own home, i'm just here. The only thing i feel is real is my relationship with my Lord and my relationship with Jash. I feel like I'm still floating. I feel like I am just another face in the crowd. I just feel tired all the time. Sometimes I just want to wake up and be in my own house with my husband.Some days I just want to have breakfast in bed, or fresh cut flowers sitting in the kitchen. I am tired of having my entire life in the stupid student center. I can't even hug my boyfriend of a year without someone telling me we are too close. Can I just say... I am old enough to have the mind of right and wrong and not to mention I didn't ask you to be my accountability partner. I'm so sick of everyone thinking they have a say. I'm at a breaking point. Everything I do is controlled by someone. I can't express my feelings for someone because of hurting someone else. I can't  post pix for the same reason, i can't sit in the truck because someone thinks I'm doing "something". I'm tired of  not having a place to be private. Not that being in private is a cover for anything. I just... I am breaking. I want to feel something. I feel so... I want to go. I'm tired of this school Everyday, every weekend. I am just wanting there to be something... Dang it.. I'm just... There are no movies here, no nice restaurants, what do you do in this hick butt town for a date?! NOTHING! Just homework, and sitting in the student center playing facebook and every once in awhile we get to watch a movie. But now there aren't even couches so its sitting on a hard wooden chair for hours.... Right now I feel stuck. Its not because I have someone who isn't trying and isn't amazing. He has and does. But with work... no one is hiring and he is waiting to hear back, time has just worn out his truck and he is trying very hard. The problem isn't him its just the time in life. I feel horrible for feeling this way. Its like i'm ungracious but really I am. I have an amazing boyfriend who loves me. I'm trying not to complain and be a pain... We've talked about it before I just...some days it hits me a little harder... with our one year tomorrow.... I'm just.... a bag of tears and the back is leaking. :( I don't know how to talk about it because all it does is lead to arguing and making him feel not like a man and putting him down... but... i'm just frustrated and need to vent. And i feel like a horrible girlfriend when i do.... :( I'm sorry
I just.... what a week. Its only Tuesday

Finally This Week Has Come!

So this week is very special to me. Yesterday a year ago, I was sitting on that beautiful and magical gazebo I've written about with the worlds sweetest guy. That night he read me Song of Solomon 1:2 which says "Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth! For your love is better than wine". Then he politely held my hand and asked if he could have permission to kiss me. Well... I said YES! So Yesterday a year ago was our first kiss. Tomorrow will be our 1 year anniversary! Its been a year of ups and downs but a year of wonderful happiness. I've never been more happy with a boyfriend than with Jash. He has truly made my life a complete joy. God has placed someone in my life who is a marvelous spiritual leader. Never letting me settle for being less than what I could be. Pushing me to explore and ask questions about my faith. These past couple of weeks I've just been thinking about all the wonderful things that have happened. I can't believe that this week a year ago I answered one of the most life changing questions with a simple yes. I sit here today with the same butterflies, and the same silly girl feelings I had a year ago. Watching him has he reads and listening to him sing. He won me over reading me Poe, Donne and several others. He sang to me on the gazebo and would just sit with me and talk and look into my eyes. He is the only person who has looked at me and can find like 20 things he loves. I only hope that one day I can show him how much I love him. I know I fail and my attempts are merely attempts. I do try to do things but I know they are never enough they are simply a feeble try. Any ways.. I just wanted to write about this week. I've been thinking and waiting for this week for months. Your first real anniversary only comes once. I've only had one other and it was...a train wreck. Horrible... worst date of my life! I'm just happy that this year I am with someone I love. Its gonna be a busy day cause of church but it will be nice just to be with the one I love :) 

Sep 19, 2011

Sexy Jeans and Bridesmaid Dress

Ok!! SO I have a goal! I want to drop a few pant sizes and become a bit smaller. As of Thursday I started working out. I've been doing Jillian Michaels 30 day challenged DVD. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! Some days I just want to punch her in her face!!! Its a hard work out and it kills me each time. Well Saturdays I won't be doing the DVD cause Ashley, (a friend of mine who I will tell you about soon) is doing this Chick F.l.i.c thing. I think f.l.i.c Stands for Finding Life In Christ. I think.. but we start with 30 minutes of intense weight training/ toning. Its some hard core stuff!! Then we do 45 minutes of cardio/dance. Its like Zumba!! Which by the way I LOVE!!! I don't know where any classes are close by but I have ordered a DVD set and it will be here sometime next month. So have this 30 challenge when I'm WAY done with being yelled at by Jillian then I can dance! I'm excited. I have a wedding coming up October 15th and I'm a bridesmaid. My dress fits...but is a little tighter than the one in the store...and so I am very motivated to lose some weight so I enjoy this wedding. Also, my mom bought these 2 pair of jeans and they are just ... Amazing looking! I think the look sooo good. I think of them as my sexy jeans. My butt would look soooo good if these actually fit. And they are just cute! But... I can't put them on. They don't button.. they are VERY close....but I think 10-15 lbs lost...those jeans will look nice! So there is my motivation. I have another reason... I'm meeting Jash's mom this weekend! I will tell you more about that later. I have a lot to tell...its all coming soon. :)

Sep 4, 2011

Frozen, Perplexed, Difficult, Basically Stuck.

So can you guess what I'm feeling like at the moment? 

I have been...frustrated. With me. I don't know what my issue is. I feel negative and I don't really know why. I feel like i'm stuck in a place of life. I'm ready to start life. I am struggling because I don't know what I am suppose to do with my degree, why I am in college, what God has planned for me in a personal way. Like.. I know I am going to be a pastors wife, and I'm gonna do what I can to glorify Christ, but I just...don't know how. What is my purpose? To be a stay at home mom? Why am I here at this school? Jash is going to be joining the Army soon. From what it looks like he will leave early summer and head to boot-camp and then training... He will be gone all summer and Fall semester. My roommate is graduating in May, along with almost everyone I came to BCF with. What am I gonna do. My spiritual leader, best friend and the one I go to everything will be gone. I know its a ways away but... i've been struggling already with these things. I feel like the sidekick in life. Over the summer there were many churches that couldn't even remember my name... EMILY!!! How hard is that???? Even here people forget. I'm either Jash's girlfriend, or hey you, or Hannah's roommate, or just Her...I feel like....I don't stand out. I don't feel special. I am having a hard time thinking about all kinds of things. There are things that i've been studying and I have come to realize that along with Jash I don't agree with every thing Baptist agree too. Also... I came to a Theological school and people here get offended when someone talks about theology or things outside of class. I just... I dont know. I have come to a place where I've FINALLY gown some and I feel great but...not. Like... I feel more set apart then I already did. I don't...I guess I'm struggling with all kinds of things. From feeling special and treasured, to unique and loved and just like I am wanted I guess. I feel lost. I feel stuck. Stuck in a school I don't feel connected to. Stuck in a place of life where I am just waiting... Waiting for time to speed up. Maybe not for everything to happen at once but I don't know. Just for something. Waiting for life to start in a since. Waiting to have something in this world belong to me. But... should that be something I want? Should I want to be connected to this world? I should feel complete in Christ and not need anything else. So I feel wrong in my wanting. I have no car, no home, no job, no money, I don't own anything...not even the bed I sleep in. I have items yes...but nothing permanent.  I'm 21 and feeling detached.  Everyone around me knows or has an idea of what they are here for or have dreams or wants... they are going towards something. How come all I think about is getting married? I feel so shallow.. like in a since that is the only thing that will give me identity or a place in this world.... Not even just married but engaged... something to look forward to. I know that God has a plan and I'm just VERY impatient!!! I know that for sure! Its not time and I need to wait until everything falls into place. 2-3 years... Seems like forever... but I guess its really not. I just need to stop thinking so much about those silly things and get my head in a better place. School. that should be my focus, after my 2 relationships. I need to make sure I'm FULLY relying on Christ and finding joy and completeness in him. He has given me someone to lead me and to help me and I don't think I appreciate Jash as much as I should. That is something else I need to work on. OH gosh..this is sooo long.. guess I just needed to rant. I've already talked it all out and passed the limit of tears and everything. I guess I just needed one last rant on all of this. It feels nice to just realize as I type that its ok. I'm very happy where I am. I have a great boyfriend who loves me and does cherish me and treasures me. :) I guess... I've just been selfish. Gosh don't you hate when you start off ranting and by the end you realize your just throwing yourself a pitty party. Ok from now on I'm going to be Ms. Positive!! :) Thats right!!! Here it goes 

Aug 23, 2011

Until Midnight

So this is Jash!! My Misfit Prince singing a song he wrote me :)

My Sweetheart

No Longer A Traveler

Ok so Summer has ended and I am currently sitting in class. Yes time has passed and I have not been posting as much as I use to or wanted. Well I do have lots of things I was to write about. I have TONS of post that I have started but haven't finished. So... look forward to a bunch of post. I want to start posting some of my journal writings from my Devotional journal. I've had some really awesome bible studies and I would like to share them. :) Well like I said, school is back in session. I am in my second week of classes. FINALLY I have unpacked all of my belongings and found a semi-permanent place for them. I have been getting back into or starting a routine. I'm on academic probation cause I failed 3 classes... yeah ...I know... Well, I've actually been reading and paying attention in class keeping notes. (yes I did just say I am in class writing this..... don't judge me) haha
So, this semester I am taking some interesting classes. Doctrine of Creation, Old Testament Theology, Personal Evangelism, Cross Cultural Ministry, and some Teaching and Learning psychology class... a total of 12 hours. Recently I have been trying to grow deeper in my spiritual life. Asking "Why am I Baptist?" "Why do I believe this and that?" "Do I just believe everything the church tells me?" "Where do I stand on this topic?" These questions have lead to some deep theology. I may be just learning but I will say that I am a Calvinist and I hold to all 5 points. I am not looking for a fight or debate, or for anyone to tell me I am wrong. I find it sooo funny... when someone who hasn't researched or just doesn't agree with anything I do, they don't ask questions... they say this "So YOU believe ....." well... do you know the 5 points? Did I say I believe them...then yes. haha I don't want to argue. Also from Calvinism I have been learning about Reformed Theology. WOW!!! This is some heavy stuff!!! Its very deep. Its like Calvinism with a backbone. Its going past just 5 points. Its going to the beginning and seeing where we have come as Baptist. Well... Jash is helping me to learn and he is guiding me and being very patient with me. haha Well... these classes I'm taking are either gonna help me by disagreeing with me and pushing me to search harder and stay firm or they are gonna help me and show me if I'm wrong. (but I'm not) haha
ok class has ended. :) Until next time

My Song For The Summer

Ok so this song God is Able, WOW!!! I just... I feel like this explains my heart. Everything we have been through this summer, the good, the Great, the hard, the messy, the fun and the ugly, God has been with us. This summer I alone did nothing, BUT God... But God decided to use me. He grew me closer to him and brought me down to South Florida to teach about His son Jesus Christ. Sometime I think about how this summer was very different from last year. Last year I worked in Ft. Lauderdale and I was in Haitian and Hispanic and all types of cultural churches. This year I was in Naples and Ft. Myers  and occasionally Miami, working in all white churches and this last one was a Korean church. I mostly worked in white churches and sometimes I didn't feel like i was doing a whole lot. I learned soo much. What type of situations I work better in and what pushes me. The lessons we taught were really awesome and I personally learned a lot. Well... on our last week we were working in a Korean church. It was really cool. It was small and not a lot of kids came. We had a ton of youth. Well, on youth night which was Thursday, we had a chance to share our testimonies with them. There were about 20 youth that night and it was just awesome. During worship they played this song. And I was just hit by how amazing God is and how he works. Even when I feel like I'm not getting anything done or falling apart... God is able.  In the lyrics below I love how it says "He will make a way Far above all we know Far above all we hope He has done great things" Gosh!!! The words to this song are so beautiful and hit me hard. I am very much in love with my God. The God of Mosses, of Abraham, of Jacob, The God who created all. :)

[Verse 1]
God is able
He will never fail
He is almighty God
Greater than all we seek
Greater than all we ask
He has done great things

Lifted up
He defeated the grave
Raised to life
Our God is able
In His name
We overcome
For the Lord
Our God is able

[Verse 2]
God is with us
God is on our side
He will make a way
Far above all we know
Far above all we hope
He has done great things

Lifted up
He defeated the grave
Raised to life
Our God is able
In His name
We overcome
For the Lord
Our God is able

God is with us
He will go before
He will never leave us
He will never leave us
God is for us
He has open arms
He will never fail us
He will never fail us

[Chorus (x2)]
Lifted up
He defeated the grave
Raised to life
Our God is able
In His name
We overcome
For the Lord
Our God is able

For the Lord
Our God is able
For the Lord
Our God is able

Aug 22, 2011

A Personal Revelation

So, I have come to a revelation about myself. I'm really.... not at all a great friend. I am very selfish with my time, thoughts, actions, in my speech, and just all around. I can't go a whole conversation without adding some random fact about me, or relating myself to someone else's comment or thought or anything they are sharing. I am such a ME ME ME person!!! How does that work in a relationship? Well... not very well. How much do we want to share our lives with another person? How badly do we want someone to know us, to care, to listen and to appreciate who we are, who we were and who we are growing to be? I think the answer is obvious. Here is where things fall... I just drop the ball in this area. I am a Horrible listener. I don't pay attention at all! Its not like I am not interested. Far from it. I guess...when i'm in a mindset of doing something or thinking or just...not wanting to think that is always when someone is most comfortable with me and wants to share. However I just... I'm spaced. I'm not really there. I don't know why.... like something in my brain doesn't work. Its turned off. I feel like I am always being talked to or taught. And there are days I just am mentally turned off. Its not good though. Because the most important person in my life is always with me. We do everything together and when he is open and we are out maybe at the mall or just chillin in the student center he decides to share something with me. Sometimes... if we aren't talking I'm mentally in my own world or listening to music or talking to someone in some form (facebook, text, in person, video chat) But when he finally wants to talk I'm mentally unavailable. What I try to do is finish what I am doing so that he can have full focus. But I have already hurt him and offended him and he closes back up and doesn't feel like sharing. JERK!!! Gosh, I'm a jerk! I think in my head that finishing what I am doing and then giving him my focus is the best thing...but I'm coming to realize its not. He needs that at the moment, not later. I've come to realize that. So... in order to show him that I honestly want to know what he is going to share I need to stop immediately. Sometimes I do hear. I do listen. I understand and I know what he was saying. It just takes me sometime to process. I feel like...a machine...or just slow. Can I can't always give an answer right away...I need to process and think. But...there is never time for that... I guess also its different points of view. Thats something I'm learning in class. We all were raised different, different families, cultures, rules, we each went through different life experiences... and they all affect our way of processing and thinking. I've been selfish in my thinking... I'm gonna work on things. 
  • Learn to Listen
  • Learn to Pay Attention
  • Don't be spacey
  • Give All Focus
  • Don't be Distracted
  • Be Concerned
  • Considerate
  • HUSH! 
  • Just be Quiet!

Aug 16, 2011


So over the summer we worked at this church. It shall remain nameless because I personally didn't have the best experience there. I had a hard time remembering my Purpose. We would pull up and I would ask "Why am I here?!?" I just had a over all rough time. I wasn't teaching or anything. They had me vacuum and clean and just sit there. I didn't really have any kids. one day I had like 5...but all I was suppose to do was walk them from one room to another which we also had like 4 other adults helping. I was just in the way almost everywhere I was. Pastor and I didn't agree on some view points and I just felt like I was the target for everything. I pretty much was over this by the end of the week. Then something changed. There was this girl Samantha in Bethany's class. Because we had so few kids the combined us with things. Well Samantha is very autistic and has anger problems  her mom stayed with her like everyday. Until Thursday, when she had no choice but to leave and head to work. Well Bethany sat with her and colored and she would interact with Bethany. She never talked. She yelled more like screamed when we had offering and she was cheering for the girls. Well Friday came and there was a huge storm and not a lot of kids came. We had maybe 6 in our two classes combined. When we went to craft time all the kids but Samantha sat on one end. There we did craft and I felt bad that she was sitting all by herself. So i got up and went down to her. I started asking questions and just talking to her. Kind of like a kid would talk. Asking if she liked ice-cream and I did. Said I like mint chocolate chip and sometimes I like really chocolaty stuff. I brought the one sided conversation to our beach theme. She nodded yes when I asked if i could sit next to her. So I made up this game. i knew she wouldn't answer with yes or no or anything verbal. I said we should use our thumbs. Every time we liked something or wanted to bring it on our picnic to the beach we would do thumbs up. Well after 6 or 7 questions she began to put her thumbs up!!!! She was smiling and laughing!! Then all the other kids came down and sat around her. She closed up but after they started asking her and talking to her and included her and just everyone was equal and the same and just kids having fun... she was ALL IN TO IT!!!! After our meetings with our couch and talking about everything that week... I can answer the question "Why am I here?" It was for Samantha. :)

Aug 15, 2011

Verizon Guys

Ok so over the summer one day my phone kind of sort of ....died. It decided to make me a creeper. I could call, and hear people talk...but no one could hear me talk. Haha. Well Bethany and I went to the mall in Naples and we just got paid and so...I didn't really have any option...sooo we headed to Verizon. There we met two guys. I talked to them about my phone and what they had in the price area I was able to purchase. While going through the process of picking a new phone, paying, turning it on, transferring my number, and then things froze for awhile. During this entire process, we began to talk to the two guys about our summer. they had lots of questions about why would we give our summer, let alone our lives to please God, and to go out and share. One of the guys was really into talking. He asked about school and I shared that I go to a Baptist college and I major in Missions. That led to a really cool conversation about what I plan on doing with that. I told him that my boyfriend and I are planning to move to Organ after we are married and he is called t full time pastoral ministry. I talked about wanting to work with women and helping them serve and grow, about organizing missions over seas and here in the states. He asked me about why there, and the differences between Organ and down here in the south. It was a really awesome experience. As we were coming to the point of asking him what his religious views were this old lady came up and needed help. We stayed a while to talk but they both became very busy so we said bye and left. Even though we didn't share the gospel it was a great time of sharing. The way he acted and responded to things I felt that he may be a believer... Pray for the Verizon guys :)

Jul 25, 2011

Words From A Traveler

So... as a missionary Traveling in obviously involved. I must say... When people ask where I'm from.... I never really know what to say. Yes I understand that they are asking where I live....but what if I don't know? Ok yes I grew up in Tally, but I don't... feel like calling that home right now. Home is where the heart is right? Well..what if Christ has my heart. My heart is in the hands of my Heavenly Father. So what do I say now. Also... My heart has been captured by this special guy... So where he resides is where my heart also longs. Now back to answering this question. I'm asked all summer where I am from, what if I was born else where. I was born in New Port News, Virginia. I didn't grow up there, but I was born there and lived for a few. However I was raised in Tallahassee. Where I went to school and graduated. Now, I have moved away to Graceville. Where I stay now. I come home every couple of weeks, not as much as in the beginning. Jash, lives there with me as well. Graceville, has welcomed me in with arms wide open. I have established relationships with people there. I know things about the town and the roads and I know what to expect in the changing of seasons... I look forward to different things. I am now my own person and growing and living and having my own adventures and they are all in Graceville. it wrong to claim Graceville as home? There is another point, as a missionary, my heart... it adapts. Where I have been living in the past few months... I have been calling home. I've had a sanctuary to go to. I've made a great best friend in Bethany. A sister is more like it. She has been there when I had some rough days, and when I was sick. She adapted to me as I did to her. However... adaption was on the beginning... we began to truly LIVE together. :) As a you ever have a home? I think that everywhere we live is home to some degree. But, as for now, there are two homes for those who are Sold Out to Christ. I have a home here on earth, a temporary home. It changes its geographical location due to traveling. When I'm married we will travel a lot. But there is my heavenly home. The one with my Master and Creator. Oh the day when I go home to him will be marvelous. But for now, I guess Home is where my pillow lies. Where my shoes are under the bed, where my computer plugs in. Where  the people welcome me in and where the Good Word is spread. This Summer.. Home was in Naples Florida with Bethany Caroline Stockdale, My amazing sister and friend. She has been my family. Our family has extended to Seth, and Jeremy, to Courtney, Melissa, all our kids and helpers. There are so many to name. Not to mention the other Missionaries. Jash, Hannah, Sydney, Jessica, Jessie, katelyn, Delvin, and Edouardo. Wow... what a great family. We all embarked on one of the greatest adventures in our youth adult lives. We traveled and conquered. We had great laughs, we struggled, we grew... we were inspired and we inspired. We loved and where loved back. What more can one ask for. So..those are my thoughts. Now they are written and shall be posted to be read one day.
-<3- Em

Lets Try Again For A Recap

OK..Lets see there is sooo much to recap on. Last I left you (twice).. was the Miami church. Ok well... we came back and after that we had a lot of things to do....well..sitting here I'm trying to go back and remember all the details..but at the moment I'm unable. Right now, I'm sitting up in Ft. Myers in a Barnes and Nobles, This is my last Monday. Wow... This time next week...I'll be back in Tallahassee... I guess most ...all summer..I've been thinking of the things I can't wait to do. Like see Jash!! AHHHHH I"m soo excited. Like really! After this summer... I've seen him..3 days.. Not even full whole just Us days.. Oh yeah by the way the whole team... all 10 missionaries which means all 4 teams where able to meet up in Ft. Lauderdale July 16th and go see HP7.5!!! Oh it was GREAT!!! That means I got to see Jash! I was soo... :D OH YES!! VERY HAPPY!!! Ok so back to my rant... I've been thinking all summer about the things I missed and what I cant wait for..most included Jash if not all. haha I did... write my dad a letter... I don't think I have ever talked about this..but dad and I ...don't have the best relationship.... I wrote him a very personal letter... and prayed that maybe...we could become closer. Well...he and I talked a little and things seem great! I hope we can finally hang out and do stuff...Father Daughter stuff. GOSH!! Thats all I want!!!!!So... that was something BIG I did this summer. I have been looking forward to that relationship growing and moving back into my dorm and decorating and doing better in school this semester. I have to or i'm kicked out. I"m on probation. :(  Sad day I know. I think I've been thinking soo much about what I was missing...that these past few days I've realized when I leave... I will be missing something here... I have a new life and new routines and new friends. I have awesome memories! Each of which deserve their own post :) so.. Look forward to the future!!!!

Jul 23, 2011


Here are some pix from my summer so far!
  Me and Bethany
 Me with my Pre K kids
 Awww one of my littles ones at a church
 Craft time with the youth
 4th Of July celebration
 Me and my partner
 Cuban BBQ

 Our team and the Miami team

 Me, Sydney and Hannah
 AWW Our youth from one week :)
 I Got to see Hannah. This is 4th of July
 I have a red Streak now!!!
 7-11-11 Free Slurpee Day!!!!
 AHHH!!! I got to see JASH!!!!
 HAHA this was at the Cuban BBQ we went to the lighthouse and there was a museum thing...and well I found the outhouse! haha
 Mall trip... JUSTIN BIBER!!!!!
 This is roof parking at publix in Miami
 Free Slurpees!!
 Snack craft!

 Thumbs UP!

 Oh Seth!! making a call during VBS!!! RUDE!


 Bethany <3
 Too Hot for our own good
 Oh boy was Children's church..what can I say


 This is the result from a you see carpet burn on my knee and the bruise... from a chair...its HUGE!!