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About Me

How do you describe yourself on a blog? I wonder, are we to put our height, weight and eye color as our description? Do I make a list of things that I like such as colors, foods, music and movies. Every time I change from, Xanga to Myspace, Myspace to Facebook and now Facebook to blogging all these websites ask those typical questions; Interests, hobbies, movies, books, music, favorite quotes. I hate answering those stupid questions. Every time I change websites over the years those things change. Instead of sharing those meaningless lists of things I would rather let my blog describe me. I'm always changing and my likes and dislikes are always switching. I change on a daily basis and my blog is evidence of that. If I were to describe myself I would say:

Who am I? I am a complainer, a wimp. Emotional. Jealous. A Liar. A Cheater. I'm not great at being a best friend and I have struggled with gossip and self-conceitedness. Stuck up. Independent I'm quick to defend myself and when I have a strong opinion. Worrier. I've been loud, rude, a bit feisty. Broken. Unclean. 

Who am I striving to be? Quiet, honest, humble, respectful, submissive. I would love to be a great best friend. Trustworthy, encouraging, uplifting and a good listening. I desire to be less of the world and more like Christ.  I would like to be passionate about reading my bible. I long to be a Proverbs 31 woman, and a 1 Peter 3 woman. Constantly seeking a deeper relationship with my creator and growing in His Grace. I want to be dependent on God. To worry less and trust in the Sovereignty of my Lord Jesus Christ. I want to be a sweet Girlfriend, a respectable Wife and one day a Loving Mother. But in everything I think, say or do I want to reflect the love of God and teach of His love.