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Jul 25, 2011

Words From A Traveler

So... as a missionary Traveling in obviously involved. I must say... When people ask where I'm from.... I never really know what to say. Yes I understand that they are asking where I live....but what if I don't know? Ok yes I grew up in Tally, but I don't... feel like calling that home right now. Home is where the heart is right? Well..what if Christ has my heart. My heart is in the hands of my Heavenly Father. So what do I say now. Also... My heart has been captured by this special guy... So where he resides is where my heart also longs. Now back to answering this question. I'm asked all summer where I am from, what if I was born else where. I was born in New Port News, Virginia. I didn't grow up there, but I was born there and lived for a few. However I was raised in Tallahassee. Where I went to school and graduated. Now, I have moved away to Graceville. Where I stay now. I come home every couple of weeks, not as much as in the beginning. Jash, lives there with me as well. Graceville, has welcomed me in with arms wide open. I have established relationships with people there. I know things about the town and the roads and I know what to expect in the changing of seasons... I look forward to different things. I am now my own person and growing and living and having my own adventures and they are all in Graceville. it wrong to claim Graceville as home? There is another point, as a missionary, my heart... it adapts. Where I have been living in the past few months... I have been calling home. I've had a sanctuary to go to. I've made a great best friend in Bethany. A sister is more like it. She has been there when I had some rough days, and when I was sick. She adapted to me as I did to her. However... adaption was on the beginning... we began to truly LIVE together. :) As a you ever have a home? I think that everywhere we live is home to some degree. But, as for now, there are two homes for those who are Sold Out to Christ. I have a home here on earth, a temporary home. It changes its geographical location due to traveling. When I'm married we will travel a lot. But there is my heavenly home. The one with my Master and Creator. Oh the day when I go home to him will be marvelous. But for now, I guess Home is where my pillow lies. Where my shoes are under the bed, where my computer plugs in. Where  the people welcome me in and where the Good Word is spread. This Summer.. Home was in Naples Florida with Bethany Caroline Stockdale, My amazing sister and friend. She has been my family. Our family has extended to Seth, and Jeremy, to Courtney, Melissa, all our kids and helpers. There are so many to name. Not to mention the other Missionaries. Jash, Hannah, Sydney, Jessica, Jessie, katelyn, Delvin, and Edouardo. Wow... what a great family. We all embarked on one of the greatest adventures in our youth adult lives. We traveled and conquered. We had great laughs, we struggled, we grew... we were inspired and we inspired. We loved and where loved back. What more can one ask for. So..those are my thoughts. Now they are written and shall be posted to be read one day.
-<3- Em

Lets Try Again For A Recap

OK..Lets see there is sooo much to recap on. Last I left you (twice).. was the Miami church. Ok well... we came back and after that we had a lot of things to do....well..sitting here I'm trying to go back and remember all the details..but at the moment I'm unable. Right now, I'm sitting up in Ft. Myers in a Barnes and Nobles, This is my last Monday. Wow... This time next week...I'll be back in Tallahassee... I guess most ...all summer..I've been thinking of the things I can't wait to do. Like see Jash!! AHHHHH I"m soo excited. Like really! After this summer... I've seen him..3 days.. Not even full whole just Us days.. Oh yeah by the way the whole team... all 10 missionaries which means all 4 teams where able to meet up in Ft. Lauderdale July 16th and go see HP7.5!!! Oh it was GREAT!!! That means I got to see Jash! I was soo... :D OH YES!! VERY HAPPY!!! Ok so back to my rant... I've been thinking all summer about the things I missed and what I cant wait for..most included Jash if not all. haha I did... write my dad a letter... I don't think I have ever talked about this..but dad and I ...don't have the best relationship.... I wrote him a very personal letter... and prayed that maybe...we could become closer. Well...he and I talked a little and things seem great! I hope we can finally hang out and do stuff...Father Daughter stuff. GOSH!! Thats all I want!!!!!So... that was something BIG I did this summer. I have been looking forward to that relationship growing and moving back into my dorm and decorating and doing better in school this semester. I have to or i'm kicked out. I"m on probation. :(  Sad day I know. I think I've been thinking soo much about what I was missing...that these past few days I've realized when I leave... I will be missing something here... I have a new life and new routines and new friends. I have awesome memories! Each of which deserve their own post :) so.. Look forward to the future!!!!

Jul 23, 2011


Here are some pix from my summer so far!
  Me and Bethany
 Me with my Pre K kids
 Awww one of my littles ones at a church
 Craft time with the youth
 4th Of July celebration
 Me and my partner
 Cuban BBQ

 Our team and the Miami team

 Me, Sydney and Hannah
 AWW Our youth from one week :)
 I Got to see Hannah. This is 4th of July
 I have a red Streak now!!!
 7-11-11 Free Slurpee Day!!!!
 AHHH!!! I got to see JASH!!!!
 HAHA this was at the Cuban BBQ we went to the lighthouse and there was a museum thing...and well I found the outhouse! haha
 Mall trip... JUSTIN BIBER!!!!!
 This is roof parking at publix in Miami
 Free Slurpees!!
 Snack craft!

 Thumbs UP!

 Oh Seth!! making a call during VBS!!! RUDE!


 Bethany <3
 Too Hot for our own good
 Oh boy was Children's church..what can I say


 This is the result from a you see carpet burn on my knee and the bruise... from a chair...its HUGE!!