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Mar 27, 2011

Someone I Love

Ok photo Challenge... I've been a little off on this. I forgot one of Saturday... Here it is.
Of course I"m gonna post pix of the special someone i love. My Mr. Awesome.

Mar 26, 2011


Most girls look for shinny things,
Most girls look for new.
Most girls are so pretty,
Most girls like me are few.

Princesses look for Knights.
Princesses look for Kings.
Princesses look for Nobles
But I just look for Right.

What is a Prince to look like?
What is a Prince to wear?
Now If i were to put an ADD out
This is what it would say:

A man of nobility. Of Strength and Valor. One that will stand out compared to the rest. Fighting dragons is not necessary its just for ego and pride. This young woman seeks one who is not of the boastful kind. More from the humble clan. This man is surely to be seen as a man of great faith. No need to ride with such stride on a horse all white. This man will walk and walk in prayer where he will confide, His heart he does not seek to give. For he has a love already. This man does not seek a woman but lets his Lord provide. His Lord, His Father. His God he sets up high. For That first post is taken and there for the second I seek to fill. This man he lives a life that not of his own. No need for flashy armor. No need to say where you'll go. This Prince of mine he wears his heart on his sleeve. I find him easy to believe. Oh this is a Prince Indeed!!! The Prince of mine I shall plead that no other maiden, No Princess or Queen shall seek of me..For this is not a normal Prince...He does not seem to fit in. This is The Misfit Prince. If you are he, I only but wish and plea, That you will come to me.

Another Rambling Of Mine

Wake up -Thinking of you
Listening to the wind coming in through the window- Thinking of you
Deciding what to wear - Thinking of you
No matter what i'm doing - Still Thinking of You

Each time my phone goes off - Hoping its you
Every set of footsteps heart - Hoping its you
The tap on my shoulder - Hoping its you
Feeling someone over my shoulder -Still hoping its you

It doesn't matter if its rain or shine
If the day starts off with a cry
When the walls come crashing down
And the worlds has fallen apart...

Its OK.
As Long as I am with you.

Mar 25, 2011

I Trust You So

I just wish to let you know,
That I trust you.
I never wonder if you will go.
Cause I trust you.
I fear no more of what might happen,
For I trust you so.
I never think you less noble
to glance the slightest look or peak, at another girl.
For I trust you so.
You treat me with respect
And love me as so
I just want you to know
That I trust you so.
Never do I think,
That you will jump a train,
Catch a flight,
or gas the truck..
And leave in the night.
For you are my prince and
You are my Knight.
My Darling,
I trust You so.
Just know that as I know,
These things of you...
They are equal, TRUE!
Of me for you.
My Love,
I Trust You so.
So Trust in me so
Will You?

Game In Which We Play...

So here are some thoughts from a girl I know. A girl not perfect, or claims to be. But has some words to share with just you and me. In this world there are many all we play a part. For most games we play, we break someone's heart. His, or Hers, Or even your own...someone out there will be hit. This is not to be claimed as poetry or any type of song... but simply something written and guessing it will be read. No comments are required, No reply is needed. Simply thoughts and our pouring of a girl in this world. You may relate and know the game... its be talked about here on this blog before. But this name I will not mention..for she is my friend no more.

Game In Which We Play...

This game in which we play
I wish to play no more.
Of secret glances and wondering eyes
To see what name might show.
The reason for this game
Nobody knows.
The secret thoughts and
Hidden feelings
How they dwell so deep.

This game in which we play
Is of the dangerous sort
Getting lost in revenge,
And guarding up with walls.
How open and trusting
Become things of the past.
This visitor I hate so...
Just when I let go,
Comes back with a Vengeance strong.

How the game it strikes.
When weak I find myself.
Wanting all of you
and not giving all of me.
"We are to be One" You say,
And I struggle with this so...
For you hide your secret text
And my mind begins to go...
Why, oh Why,
This game, My foe..
Why must we play today.

To be one is to give all..
One is not two,
But two that are one.
No secrets,
No singleness,
No separation No.
When why you feel threatened,
That I say I need to have my things...
You say we should have but nothing of our own.
That breaks away one, and makes it whole no more
But here we sit on contradictory,
That when you shy away from me, its just the same you see.
Privacy is a one way street but with you and me its almost 3.
There is such confusion here,
In which this game brings forth,
I can not compete with her,
This game of deceit and woe.

(With Arms around to comfort,
With words I do not give,
With stories and jokes,
Things I'll never get.)

Right when we share something,
For so long I wait.
I know it was me not giving
To enter into your gates.
But finally then, we share you and for a memory.
That is when this game strikes a blow.
To take away this something,
To share it with a foe?

Those thoughts are not FAIR!!
Why must I have them?
I stress so to push them away...
But how quickly they find me.
I wish to run and cry when I am here,
Being found by the game,
and thrown into this round.
I wish to not play,
Not a side bench,
Not the outfield,
Not even in the bleachers.
Remove me...
I can not play no more!!!

These feelings are false...
I will hurt no longer!
You must leave me now,
And come no not morrow.
This game it hurts,
It brings forth a pain.
Don't you see it in my eyes...
The way this game makes me feel?
I know there is no reason for it..
I know there is no threat..
But for some odd reason
At their name...I do sweat.
This game has a name but I shall not speak it..
For once before I have.

This game is not my friend!
I repeat it here once more.
You are not my friend!
Now Leave me alone
and Bother me no more!

A Failure I Am...

How often do I ignore you?
Do I make you run to another?
The attention that you seek,
Does it come from me?
Are you forced to go back?
To places or people of the past?
When my ears fail, how often I see that is...
Do you think my heart is close behind
Along this dreary trail?
Do I pay attention to you,
Have I attempted to share your interest?
How many times a day do I fail You?
The chalk board must be out of room by now.
With all the times I've let you down...
Have I always made it about me?
The tears we've shed, who were they for?
The words you should hear,
I have yet to speak.
True and honest, not forced or in compliance...
But because they are so.
My dear,
My Sweetheart,
Love of my Life,
I am greatly sorry.
I hope you see I recognize
All the places I fail.
I ask you now to forget it all,
Let me show you.
I'm sorry.
I will work at all these things.
I know I fail you,
and I probably will continue...
But know that I am trying.
I love you.

The Trouble Starts With I...

I'm not the most considerate
I'm not the best at listening
I'm not one who takes the blame
I'm not one who says I'm sorry
I'm not very good at thinking of others
I'm not very responsible
I'm not good at looking into your eyes
I'm not good at telling you the good things you do

I don't give my time to you like I should
I don't consider what you give up
I don't confirm the good things
I don't look past the negative
I don't know how to give myself all to you
I don't know why I can't just be one

Makes Me Laugh

OK so today's challenge is to share something that makes me laugh. :) Ok like I said earlier I dressed up with some friends as the Power Rangers. :) Those pictures are just so funny. Here they are. I hope they make you laugh too.

Mar 24, 2011

"The Raven" By Edgar Allen Poe

This Song...


Ok so I"m suppose to put a picture of me today!! HAHA
well your in LUCK! TOday me and some friends decided to dress up as the Power Rangers!!!
We've been planning this for awhile. We all bought shirts and today we wore them it was EPIC!! It wasn't to get attention or anything. I mean hey we live in a small town on a small campus.... There is little to do that everyone doesn't already know about. Simple today.. was a fun day. Spring Break starts tomorrow for most for me :) but yeah... So... here you go. Pix of me today. :)

Ok soo... I look like a retarded fat kid!! For some dumb reason my tongue is sticking out!! BAHAHA hey at least I can laugh at myself.

AHHHH I love this!!!

Photo Of The Last Place I Vacationed...

So I didn't do a photo of the day yesterday....

OK Photo of the day....umm.. I don't remember my last vacation....

No pic...sorry

Mar 22, 2011

Auburn - Perfect two

I Just LOVE this!! This song ...WOW!!!!! LOVE IT!

You Make Me Rise When I Fall

So I couldn't find a picture for the day.. I don't know when my last vacation was... But my favorite place to escape is in your arms... :)


Mar 21, 2011


Last night Jash and I were watching Resident Evil on my computer and we started taking pix with my webcam on Skype. Here they are. They make me laugh!!!!

6 Months!

So Today marks 6 months!! 6 months of dating Jash!! I have to say that this has been the happiest, most amazing 6 months of my life. I've dated guys before that have lasted over a year...but for the first time...i'm in a real relationship. In this relationship we have whats called communication. I've learned so much. There is a difference between dating someone and being in a relationship with them. In this relationship I've learned things about Jash. Sadly i've hurt him as well. Said things that were rude, mean and hurtful. Thankfully he has forgiven me. We've had our share of rough times. Even time where we were we no more. :( but after all of that we are now a better WE from it. Learning to lean on someone and to believe that he will be there has really changed me. I've learned that Jash loves me for me. Not for any physical aspect of our relationship. Not because we kiss or hold hands or that he has someone to go places with and share moments with. those are bonuses. He loves me because I am Emily. I'm who God has created me. I know its corny but its true. He shows me that he loves me to. :) he opens doors for me. Car doors and building doors. He cleans up after me and every day he gets my drink and lunch and dinner and refills it without me asking. I know I have taken advantage of him several times. I'm sorry love. He also drives me to walmart to get tampons or make up or junk food when I am in a mood. He made a promise to always buy me a snickers bar or chocolate every time i'm on my time of the month. ;) He is beyond wonderful. He lets me rant and rave and just talk when i need to vent. When we argue he knows more than half of what I say i don't mean and i'm just at a point that i'm rambling. He knows I hate to cry but he allows me to completely let it all out. He knows my flaws and where i'm weak. He knows that i'm selfish and that i'm not the best but he pretends. He for some reason pushes it all aside and loves me still. This man is amazing. Some people see a guy who talks a lot, and they label him as a "know it all". Some people think things and talk about him in ways not pleasing the Lord. But, Me...I love what he says. You may think he talks a lot but do you listen to what he says? He is very intelligent. He doesn't just speak to speak, what he says he has learned and studied. I don't care if you think he is using too many bible references or plays the God card or you get annoyed that he always shoots down your comment or opinion with the truth from the Word of God. Look... this to my future husband. When you know you know. God has given me a peace about that. I love how passionate he is about learning theology and challenging himself. He came to a bible school to debate topics and to learn and to be pushed. Sadly the majority of us here are here to be here... we complain about people talking too much about "taboo" conversations...Why else are you here? I love this man and I know that he is going to make a wonderful pastor one day. and Husband, and father. This man pushes me spiritually and I am greater for that. I love him very much. I know I've ranted about all kinds of things but when it comes to Jash... I can't help it. He is AWESOME! I look up to him and admire him. He is so wonderful. Romantic. Fun. Energetic. Crazy. Happy. Loving. Irresistible. With him i've never had such pure fun. I can laugh and be me with him. Stephen Jashub Comstock I Love you with all my heart!

Self Portrait

Short and Plump is how I look. I can be very loud but like the quiet. I love books, but dislike reading. I put pineapple in my salad. I can't spell to save my life. Grammar...whats that? My boyfriend loves the English language and at the moment that is his major... I've loved only one with true love and I continue to love him each day. Green in my favorite color. Blue and purple are in the tie for second. I love being at college but hate going to class. I love learning but hate homework. I like having my own room but I hate to sleep alone. I dream of traveling all over the world. To step barefoot in every state is a wish I have. I desire to ride in a Hot air balloon but fear being up high. I love movies like some love books. I don't have a fashion since but wish I did. Sometimes I'm scared to give my opinion on things. I fear what people think more than I should. I suffer from panic attacks. They are brought on by large crowds, when I'm around people that make me nervous, when I am not on schedule. I love lists! I love having a schedule. I wish to be more spontaneous but sometimes the not knowing what will happen later or the repercussions of the things we do, cause worry. I worry way too much. My biggest fear is so silly...Its how people think of me. I fear that people talk bad about me. Sometimes I see it in their faces. I have a hard time with keeping friends. I can make friends but...keeping them is hard. I can only focus on 4 relationship with true passion and love. For me those relationships are 1) my Father 2) Jash -Best Friend/boyfriend/future husband) 3) Hannah- Roommate/best Friend 4) Heather- Best Friend. I have a hard time giving myself to other friends because these relationships require so much of me as it is. I love people but I have a limit. I love music but a tune I do not carry. shoes are fun and pretty but bare feet is my favorite. I love to talk but never have much of importance to say. I dream of having a big family but I fear of never having children. I fear disapproval and acceptance. I try my hardest to impress. I love birthdays!! I tend to write too much because I don't ever say any of this. I want to change who I am. But i fail. I am the most selfish person I know. I love jewelery but never wear it. I love to write poetry and stories but I never do and when I do I never share it. ok...thats enough. :)

What Makes Me Happy

Day 3 of Photo of the Day Challenge.

Today I am challenged to find something that makes me happy... Well... Lets see what I can find.
So I realized... I can't choose just 1 picture at a time... here are a few things that make me happy.

I love teaching the Word of God. This is me teaching some youth from back home on a retreat.

My parents. Young love. Seeing them in love and happy. :)

HAHA!! This is great! Girls day to St. George Island. We got crabs!! HAHA!! (its just henna)

My best friend. Heather, Hannah, and Jash. <3

Playing with my food.

Mar 20, 2011

Addictive Song!

Ok this is a clip from the movie Easy A. I LOVE THIS PART!!! This is EXACTLY how I am with my singing cards...and singing in general!

Here is the Whole song. <3

I Do Colbie Caillat Lyrics ♥

Me A Year Ago

Picture Of The Day, Day 2.

here is me a year ago....
The girls i'm with where my best friends. We all lived upstairs in our dorm and we loved each other with a true sisterly love. We went our separate ways but remain true friends :)

My Mr. Awesome!

So I realized.... My blog is very random... I also realized...there aren't enough pictures on it. And I've been writing about This amazing man God has brought into my life and I have yet to put pictures up!!!!! Ok well here they are. Enjoy.

First Date Picture

Valentines Day


haha Silly Boy!! He left his mexican leftovers in his room...well... they grew haha

Random mixture of our first date

Meeting the family for the first time.... He was a big hit. Uncle Willie, Uncle Ruben and Dad. :)

Forever And Always <3


So in our dorms we aren't allowed to have Griddles, or George Foreman Grills, or like anything great like that. Well...For Christmas my mom bought me one and my roommate Hannah and I have planned our breakfast days. :) Ok so here are some pix of little things we've done.

This is from when Jash's sister Charity came and stayed for the weekend. Pancakes, butter, pineapple, gram crackers, nutella, coco, syrup... The Works!

This weekend I attempted bacon!! (i'm cookin on the window-seal because of the smell...)

This pancake is Screaming HIGH FIVE!!! haha...reminds me of a pudgy hand.



This is the latest....its more of the after affects of 3 girls attacking FOOD!

Thats Katie and the Heart pancake I made her <3