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May 27, 2011

Prayer Request

I don't have much time... But my world is crashing right now... Some things with Jash and I are just... Family stuff. EXPLODING!! We are apart right now and have been. 5 more days until our mission trip. But right now... I just finished having a massive breakdown. Please... pray for us. Pray for his family. Prayer for strength for us and for just to just Remember God's will not our will. No we are not breaking up. But we have people who want us to..well person... just.. please if you would pray for us. I'll post stuff soon.

May 20, 2011


So i've been having some pain.. My back right wisdom tooth has been growing in and at the same time...its infected. Well.. Tuesday I went to the oral surgeon and he said I needed to have all 4 taken out. Plus I have the mouth of a child and my teeth are too one was pushed on the roof of my mouth. Well..he took that one too. Thursday I had surgery. I had 5 teeth taken out. It was really rough. At first, my blood pressure was really high cause I was freaking. They couldn't find my vein and I was scared it would hurt. Then the talk of needles...yeah SPIKED my stress. After 45 mins they got things going. I had drugs going in me. I was getting sleepy but my doctor kept talking and then opened me up and starting shooting me up in my mouth with needles and drugs. I could feel it all and that woke me up. So during the surgery that I was suppose to be asleep for I was WIDE awake and could hear and feel everything. He said to tap my right hand if I felt pain. Well.. there wasn't a moment I didn't stop tapping. He took 3 teeth out on my left side and it was really rough. When he got to my right... OH MY GOSH!!!! The bottom tooth was crazy. I cried soo hard. I just wanted it to all stop and I wanted my boyfriend. I even remember calling his name but I don't think they understood. Of course he is back home in Alabama and i'm in Florida so...he couldn't come anyways. But oh man... I was crying and was close to just loosing it. Infact as soon as they got the heck out of my mouth I lost it. I just wanted to go home. The pain got worse. The surgeon asked if I felt pain and I was like YES!!! My right side was increasing in pain. Honestly...I was PISSED!!! I wanted to punch someone I was hurting sooo freaking bad. WEll.. I had ice packs and drugs. I was expecting my dad to be with me all day..but..well.. not really. Its been rough. I was told my dad or mom would be with me all the time. Which would be nice. I never see them and I haven't had my parents take care of me in forever... Well.. whatever. Dad got me an Ice pack and made these milkshakes... they didn't taste all that great. I think it was royal fudge ice cream with strawberries.. I don't like to mix fruit with ice cream like that.. but i drank it. Then Dusty (friend of the family) came over. He just had 5 teeth taken out too. He and dad were talking about some video game. Well.. dad left to go play... honestly.. i was upset. I wished my dad wanted to spend time with me. He never does. We use to watch movies together and hang and play video he can't stand to be around me. was no different. He was asleep all day. I woke up...made made myself something to eat..took my drugs. laid on the couch and watched Greek. Then I wanted some I began to decorate something for my boyfriend and scrapbook. I did like 13 pages!! Dad woke up... said he was hungry.. I said I made myself ramen. Then he went over to Dusty's to hang. I wish he wanted to spend time with me. I'm only home for a few...but he never Oh well. So..yesterday mom rented movies...we went to watch it but Aunt Debra came over and she did stuff with her. Then at like 10 started our movie. But she went to bed before it was over. Jash was also really busy yesterday. He made it home and was dragged around to do this and that. I know he was tired cause he worked and then packed and then had to travel home. I know he was crazed...I guess...I just... felt so ..alone. Yesterday SUCKED!!! I just felt..unwanted and ditched. Today...the same. I'm just over it. If Jash was here..he'd ask what he could do. He'd sit with me and watch movies and tv. I know its dumb but I just feel like no one really cares. I hate coming home! Cause when I do..i'm not wanted. I'm ready to be with Jash. The only one who ever just wants to be with me and take care of me. Its ok...I don't need anyone to. I can take care of myself. Ok..well...thats my vent for now. I'm in lots of pain so i'm gonna lay in bed and watch Greek.

More Before Summer Pix

Here are the rest of the pix

Pictures Before Summer

So one of our last days Hannah, Jash, JJ, and I all took pix. These are some. Here are the ones of Me and Jash.

Our Final Day.

Ok...well I had an amazing time. Jash and I spent our time together and it was magical. Things didn't go exactly how we planned but it was just as amazing! We went to our friend John's house, He was out of town but said we could chill out at the house and watch movies all night and not worry, just chill and be alone. It was great. We watched Narnia, and Tangled. Before hand we went to Dollar General and got sour gummy worms, chocolate covered peanuts, soda, and all kinds of candy. We had fun. We cuddled and talked. We talked about the summer and just what we expect out of it. We talked about the future and where we are going. It was truly amazing. I fell asleep during Tangled... but woke up at the very end. Haha. I was hungry so it was a great time to head to Waffle House! So we did. We went had both got waffles. We talked and had a blast. Before we went in we stopped at walmart. My tooth was really hurting. I had a wisdom tooth that was infected growing and i needed some drugs. We also bought pillow cases and fabric markers. We plan on writing the names and attributes of God on them and exchanging them. It was his idea. I LOVE IT!! Well... we also got some cameras to take pix of our last few days together. I can't wait to see the pix. well... after breakfast we went back to walmart and got tubs for packing. Then on the way back to town it was like...6 something in the morning. The sun was up and then..gone. A huge storm was about to arrive so we headed back to our friends house. We continued watching movies and talking. We ate more candy and finished off our soda. It was great. Then back to school. I finished packing, and we moved my stuff into the shed. Then packed Jj's car so that I could leave Sunday after church. I must say..the having to say bye part...SUCKED!!! I hated it! Well...we went to church. Jash and I skipped Sunday School to spend some time together. Sadly we didn't really get that. I had to finish cleaning and bring my stuff down.. and get checked out of my dorm room. It was a bitter sweet moment. But yeah. Then on the way to church we kissed and laughed..and cried a little. At church the youth were amazing. So sweet. My girls convinced JJ to let us go out to lunch. At lunch they gave me a goodbye for the summer card that brought great tears. Then...having to say goodbye...was hard. So we pretended to see each other tomorrow... I"m just waiting on tomorrow to come. But its ok. on the 1st of June i'll see him for our great adventure on the buss.

May 13, 2011

Packing With The Rain

At this very moment in time....i'm packing and its raining outside. You know the calming feeling sometimes sad that rain brings. Its the soft rain. Where it hides the sun and just is kind of depressing. Well..add packing alone to the mixture. I'm Packing up my dorm room. Several thoughts are running though my head. This is the end of my second year. Each ending there is packing. Realizing. Seeing all the things you've accumulated. Finding letters and pictures you once thought lost. Feeling sad, and confused and sometimes remembering things. Whats hard at the moment is be packing i'm away from Jash. I know that its silly. But this week we've been so busy with finals, school, packing, saying bye to friends taking pictures with people, and trying to spend time with one another has taken a back burner. This week i've seen him less than any week all semester. Plus last week I was sick and therefore was not with him. Summer has reached us and we are down to hours. I've already started the tears. To say bye to the person who you love more than hard. Yeah we will see each other to ride a bus down for orientation but then we have to say bye for 8 weeks and then another 2 days together and goodbye until school... its just hard. I'm a girl. A girl listening to the sad rain while packing alone. There is a feeling of time being still. That, the rain is washing away all the sad and worries. Worries of other people and whatever. The rain...its telling me to embrace these next few hours. Jash and I are going to spend the entire night together. No not like that. I'm talking about watching movies until the student center closes. Going to Walmart to get some packing stuff cause now i'm out of boxes. We are gonna sit at waffle house and talk. Hopefully end up at the dock to watch the sun rise. Then back to life and packing and goodbyes. I just..needed a minute to write all this down. ok..well i'm gonna shower and get ready. Thank you rain. Its time.

May 10, 2011

Good News Club!!!

So our church in Chipley has been doing this program called Good News Club. Here is the link all about it.
Pretty much its a free after school program where we have Bible Club in the elementary school. its been really awesome and fun!! The pictures below is of us college students. We are representing the Wordless Book.

The colors are very significant and the order in which they are in.
Yellow(Gold)= God
Black(Dark)= Sin
Red(Blood)= Blood of Christ
White(Clean)= Purity
Green(Growth)= Growing, closer to God.

A really cool tool for evangelism is called the Wordless book. Using these colors and knowing scripture, a person can successfully share the gospel. I personally like to use this with children.