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Aug 23, 2011

No Longer A Traveler

Ok so Summer has ended and I am currently sitting in class. Yes time has passed and I have not been posting as much as I use to or wanted. Well I do have lots of things I was to write about. I have TONS of post that I have started but haven't finished. So... look forward to a bunch of post. I want to start posting some of my journal writings from my Devotional journal. I've had some really awesome bible studies and I would like to share them. :) Well like I said, school is back in session. I am in my second week of classes. FINALLY I have unpacked all of my belongings and found a semi-permanent place for them. I have been getting back into or starting a routine. I'm on academic probation cause I failed 3 classes... yeah ...I know... Well, I've actually been reading and paying attention in class keeping notes. (yes I did just say I am in class writing this..... don't judge me) haha
So, this semester I am taking some interesting classes. Doctrine of Creation, Old Testament Theology, Personal Evangelism, Cross Cultural Ministry, and some Teaching and Learning psychology class... a total of 12 hours. Recently I have been trying to grow deeper in my spiritual life. Asking "Why am I Baptist?" "Why do I believe this and that?" "Do I just believe everything the church tells me?" "Where do I stand on this topic?" These questions have lead to some deep theology. I may be just learning but I will say that I am a Calvinist and I hold to all 5 points. I am not looking for a fight or debate, or for anyone to tell me I am wrong. I find it sooo funny... when someone who hasn't researched or just doesn't agree with anything I do, they don't ask questions... they say this "So YOU believe ....." well... do you know the 5 points? Did I say I believe them...then yes. haha I don't want to argue. Also from Calvinism I have been learning about Reformed Theology. WOW!!! This is some heavy stuff!!! Its very deep. Its like Calvinism with a backbone. Its going past just 5 points. Its going to the beginning and seeing where we have come as Baptist. Well... Jash is helping me to learn and he is guiding me and being very patient with me. haha Well... these classes I'm taking are either gonna help me by disagreeing with me and pushing me to search harder and stay firm or they are gonna help me and show me if I'm wrong. (but I'm not) haha
ok class has ended. :) Until next time

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