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Aug 15, 2011

Verizon Guys

Ok so over the summer one day my phone kind of sort of ....died. It decided to make me a creeper. I could call, and hear people talk...but no one could hear me talk. Haha. Well Bethany and I went to the mall in Naples and we just got paid and so...I didn't really have any option...sooo we headed to Verizon. There we met two guys. I talked to them about my phone and what they had in the price area I was able to purchase. While going through the process of picking a new phone, paying, turning it on, transferring my number, and then things froze for awhile. During this entire process, we began to talk to the two guys about our summer. they had lots of questions about why would we give our summer, let alone our lives to please God, and to go out and share. One of the guys was really into talking. He asked about school and I shared that I go to a Baptist college and I major in Missions. That led to a really cool conversation about what I plan on doing with that. I told him that my boyfriend and I are planning to move to Organ after we are married and he is called t full time pastoral ministry. I talked about wanting to work with women and helping them serve and grow, about organizing missions over seas and here in the states. He asked me about why there, and the differences between Organ and down here in the south. It was a really awesome experience. As we were coming to the point of asking him what his religious views were this old lady came up and needed help. We stayed a while to talk but they both became very busy so we said bye and left. Even though we didn't share the gospel it was a great time of sharing. The way he acted and responded to things I felt that he may be a believer... Pray for the Verizon guys :)

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