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Mar 1, 2012

7 & Days No Make Up

I forgot to take a picture of Day 1 but here is Day 2.

Day 3 or 4... I was having a gross day. 
Ok so like I said this was a gross day. Something I learned from this week is that I have become dependent on using make up to make myself feel good. While thats not a big problem I came to realize that not only is it something that makes me feel good but its a security thing. Days that I don't feel pretty, that my hair isn't working, when I just feel gross I turn to make up to change myself and make me better. Even on a day like this Jash took a picture with me. While I just hate this picture I thought I should still post it. Every day Jash would tell me that I was beautiful and that he loved my make up. In my last blog entry I wrote about our daily almost rehearsed conversation. The thing is, he wasn't just saying it. He gets this look, of complete amazement and aww when he looks at me. I know in that moment, he means it. 

Day 5!!

I stated to read articles about not wearing make up. I love Pintrest and I have been looking up stuff about make up. I never had the older sister who sat me down and taught me about make up. My aunt did once but i don't remember any of that. I didn't really have girlfriends who taught me and so in middle and high school IF I wore make up I'm sure it was WAY too much eyeliner, foundation that was too dark, foundation that didn't continue to my neck... you know what I mean. haha As I read blogs and articles I learned about taking care of my skin, and make up. Throwing away nasty stuff and remembering to wash my face and putting on lotion. I found confidence in who God created. ME! :)

 Last Day! Day 7

Its been a whole week! I wore NO make up to class, Church, out in public and even out to eat with friends. There were days I stood with the drawer open and just wanted to put make up on. Cover up all those imperfections. Cover my red cheeks, pimples, scars, anything and everything. Make everything look smooth and the same. But I couldn't. Lent is about sacrifice. Giving up something as in food, drink or personal pleasure. Now that isn't the whole thing, its preparing one'self the 40 days before the death of Christ. Giving up something that is valuable or important to you so that you may grow closer to Christ and instead of finding our value and worth and importance in these things we cling to we strive o find these things in Christ our Lord. For the entire 40 days I've given up Facebook (i'll write more about that later) each week i'm giving something additional up. Giving up make up sounded kind of dumb but for me I learned a lot. Physically I was finding my beauty in this face paint making a mask of who I am. God created me in a specific way, and with all the make up I wore and with the days I didn't have time to put some on I'd go back home just to put some on. I'd freak out and just feel so incomplete. Since i haven't been wearing any I've been trying really hard to get back in to my daily reading of the Word. When I miss a day of reading I find myself with those same feelings. I was Uneasy, frustrated, incomplete and over all I realized I needed to go back and take time to read. While giving up make up to some is simple and stupid for me it was eye opening. 

I attempted a headband curling idea from pintrest and I took a picture. With out makeup :) I felt confident and beautiful. I did put some make up on but only a little.  

Me with my Boo <3

** haha so I just realized... I wore the same shirt twice in one week! I had my jacket on one day cause it was so cold but that is still funny! 

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