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Mar 3, 2012

Pintrest Inspires!!

Yes I have begun the great adventure of Pintrest! I have found so many great things to cook, and created and way of doing hair and make up .  If you've seen/heard or are apart of Pintrest you understand. So I have to say, i'm actually trying to create and cook up some of these things i'm "pinning" One of my new goals is to follow through. That has become my new goal I guess. I have found myself struggling with feeling so unfulfilled... I've been at a great church but when it comes to serving, I feel limited and when I am teaching its either to children or youth (Which I do so love) but in a way that I feel I can be real. Children are not the problem but there is only so much I can take and I'm pretty sure children's ministry is NOT my calling. I love youth but going to a Southern Baptist Church and holding to Reformed, Presbyterian views its hard to teach let alone learn. So when I was a Sunday school teacher I struggled. The lesssons where basic and I found myself struggling in them along with my own spiritual life. So I stepped down and what is really exciting is one of the married women in the church has begun teaching. The reason I'm there is because that is where God called me to be, there was a great need of stability, leadership and a brokness. A youth group who just needed some younger leader ship. So some of us college kids where there and things were great. But when our youth pastor left one of the guys stepped up and now he IS our youth pastor. Sunday school was...elementary at the time and now its become wonderful. Everything I am saying is very positive, but when the need of help did my desire to be there. Now we stay (Jash and I) because we don't want to be "those college kids" who come, connect and when they aren't needed leave. We are both members of the church and our letters are there. (so we are actual members not just visiting) We have on a few ocassions been to First Presbyterian in Dothan (AL) which was AMAZING!!!  But we aren't going to just stop at our church and leave hurting people who we love and in all God hasn't called us away from there. Ok so it sounds like i'm going on a long rant right?... I have a point I promise. You see Everyone jokes about Pintrest and how its a place to "plan weddings when we don't have a boyfriend, dress kids we don't have, decorate houses we can afford and vacation at places from our dreams" Everyone "pins" great food ideas and hair things and what-not. Well i've come to see how in my life I say I want to do this and I want to start that, and Wow wouldn't it be great if this happened. Always talking and never following through. Well that is where i'm changing. I want to "Follow Through" with things. I'm going to be posting pictures of food items I've "Followed Through" with, hair things, and whatever else. I already have a tons of pictures and can't wait to post. But my most exciting is that I've been wanting to start a Girls Bible study on the book of Ruth. I've been talking, planning and even purchased the teaching material ( about 2 months ago) well... Today we had our first lesson and I taught!!! I'm so excited. I'll post more tomorrow about it and explain what I'm learning. For now its mid-night, i'm running on 4 hours of sleep and my family is coming to visit tomorrow!!!! I'm in need of sleep! So until our next encounter

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