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Mar 1, 2012


So for lent this year Jash and I were talking about what we were going to give up. He have up red meat for the 40 days. I have given up Facebook. I know that sounds dumb but I have come to love Facebook to the point that it is an idol. I have come to put it before my quiet time , prayer life, and even time with Jash. Today marks the second week. I'm a little behind on this post but in addition to my 40 days of no facebook each week i'm giving something else up. Last week I gave up make up. I love make up and how I feel, and look. As a woman, wearing no make up out in public when your use to it is very hard. Some days I didn't like how I looked. But I learned a lot. Each day Jash told me he loved my make up and i would respond with "i'm not wearing any" and he said "I know. That my favorite" There are times when I just thought ok well he is just saying that. But this week I really felt it. Days I just looked ....ugh he told me i was beautiful. Starting today I'm giving up chocolate. I'm entering my...time of the month or as Jash calls it Pandora. I love chocolate and its no Lie. So this week no chocolate. Week 3 I think I'm giving up Pintrest along with Facebook. I'm not sure home much longer after that is left but yeah. :) After lunch I'll post pictures of this past week. I made myself take pictures almost each day. So, you'll see me too. haha

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