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Feb 20, 2011

Barnes And Noble

This is to Jash. If you've ever sat in a Barnes and Noble you know that in the coffee area the great poets and authors are all gathered. A book store is simply not just a book store... but a silent party house. The greats and not so greats gather with each other. The debate and argue, they silently sit. Some un-entertained for long periods of time. While some barley get free time. Here in a book store if you look all around, the company in which you find ourself is really well renown. My love takes me here, to this place of great refuge and tells me his stories and memories. Sometimes we cry, some times we laugh some times we share kisses in front of Hemingway. But here is my thank you. I hope you understand.

Barnes and Nobles
By Emily

Our usual spot:
A table so round
Two seats that match
And company all around

While we sit
You read to me.
An invitation to your world,
You begin to attempt and unfurl

Feeling so enthralled
You introduce me to them all
These friends of yours make no sound
but gather all around

The Blue Book when your Happy,
The Yellow Book when your Sad,
Hemmingway, Poe, and the unknown
They gather all around.

As we sit at our table
We are not alone.
Looking up, they sit,
With wonder and woe.

Their eyes look down at us
With silent judgement but no loud fuss.
To see if i am worthy
To be the audience.

The pages turn,from New and old,
In which they hold,
Little parts
Of your heart.

I sit in amazement and joy
I have yet to fully employ
This part of you that can just be
That really makes you free

Thank you Dear,
For I no longer fear
In this place once you fled
Now I have been led.


  1. I guess with you he could bring himself to shar kisses in front of..... EW......Um......FITZGERALD.....AHHHHHHHHHH

  2. Well... see he is just that AMAZING that he would share kisses in front of the greatly hated Fitgerald. See our love....isn't hindered but such things as this. ;)