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Feb 23, 2011

A Siren and her Sailor

So this is a conversation over Facebook I HAD to share.
It all started with my status

Me: Did you konw taht it dosen't mtater in waht odrer the lrttees in a wrod are? The olny impartont tihng is taht the frist and lsat leettr be in the rgiht pcale.

Jash: Ugh. I am utterly at a want for words. You are my perpetual antagonizer, and I am quite sure I will never get a day's rest from your incessant attempts to make me cringe with your vulgar derision for the English language.

Me:but you love me :)
and you wouldn't dare dream of fighting back. ♥

Jash: As true as that may be, I still find contemptible your haphazard arrangement of letters, and utter disregard for grammatical functions. You certainly are my siren as it were. Though your beauty is undisputed, I must plug my ears at the first signs of your song of veritable grammatical disarray.

Me: Well my sweetheart whose words come with such beauty and flow... I can't but help to do such things or sing such songs... see when i do... you alway come to me and resuce me from these grammatically incorrect songs... Its my way of bringing you to me. Just to see...if you will. I must say...when these times come...I love it. You make me blush and giddyness fills me. "Though your beauty is undisputed." :) umm... see you can pretty much win any argument with lines like that. haha
Siren...isn't that a little harsh? :P

Jash: I wouldn't think so. The Siren was a spectacularly beautiful creature whose powerful song could overpower the heart of any poor, unassuming sailor. And when they swam to her, they found themselves hopelessly overtaken. I believe that this poor, unassuming sailor has certainly been overpowered. And wheras those ancient seafarers found that her beauty was their demise, I find that your beauty is my exaltation. The undeserved reward of a misfit wanderer.

Me:‎.... the only words I am able to come up with are few. ....But...umm...
:) I Love You!!!! argument... You win!
I'll always be your Siren, if you will always be my Sailor. ♥
‎(Just so you know you can't reuse these lines over and over...)
Being the creative words-man that you are.... I don't think you'll have a problem. ;)

Jash: What can i say, except that I draw my creativity from a most infinite inspiration.

Me: Jesus?

Jash: Quite. Him and his daughter.

Me::D QUITE? Haha Have you met me? ;)
♥ haha I know what you mean.
yes exactly
ou make sine of it... that s your job.

(See this is where...I thought he wrote quiet. not Quite)

Jash: Well, as much as I shall certainly try to make sense of your disarray, I hope i will not be found lacking in wit for your most unorganized beauty.

Me: unorganized... You SOOOO get me!
Thats just 1 of the 1,000 reasons I love you.

Jash: Hmmmm, I have more like 100,345,895,097.69 reasons...

Me: now..your just trying to one up me... :(
I didn't think that was the kind of love we shared. :'(
was I mistaken??

Jash: Most certainly not. I just have more reasons because you are most unfathomably deep and undiscovered, whilst I am just a humble sailor with barely enough depth to sustain such a wonder as you.

Me: Ok...Dear sailor... Careful you don't tread into uncharted and dangerous waters.... If you use all your life perserves you won't have any for later ;-) And you know that I have more than 1,000 reasons for loving you. I was just thinking of the fact that each day I find 1,000 new reasons for loving you. (and really...placing a number isn't right because 1,000 doesn't truly justify or explain the real love I contain for you)
When I look into your eyes and say, "I love you" Those three simple words shoul say much more than 1,000...and if they don't...I guess i'm not doing a very good job. :(

Jash: Well, I believe we have already discussed the fact that with an inspiration such as you, I cannot run dry of creativity. Also, I don't have any life preservers, I threw them all away to become vulnerable for you, these are simply feeble attempts to show just how captivated I really am. And, as for the rest, I have one word to say... Rubbish.

Me: you win. As always
(that was slightly painful to type)

End Of conversation...

Privately we responded with these:

Dear Sailor,
I Love You!
Forever and Always,
Your Siren

Dear siren
I love you Forever And ever I shall never wander the seven seas any longer,
for I have found my treasure, and she is unmatched in beauty and valuer.
*valueLoveYour sailor.

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