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Feb 15, 2011

My Promise

This is something I have writen. Its not the best and it is in need of improvemnet. From Me to you I appologize. I love you my sweet, sweet Valentine.

Days Come and go
Seasons are year round
An hour feels so slow
When you are not around.

This love in which i'm held in captivation,
My heart feels overwheming realization
By your words of pain I am told
Of how I have been so cold

How long have you been hurt by me?
When all along I didn't see, I made it all about me.
Hiding back each tear
I hope Now I don't hender you to love in fear

A promise to you I want to make
To shake the walls and hope they break
To listen first and let you speak
To encourage you when you freak

This promise I shall keep
For to bed you shall not sleep
A promise I hope to inhance
Always frist we shall dance

To speak sweetness and cheer
To whisper "I love you" in your ear
To always be there wheverver your at
To make you laugh,I will kick a cat

I Pormise,Promise, Promise
I know sometimes I completely miss
But these are the things I promise you
Even though my words come few.

Forever and Always

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