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Sep 20, 2011

Finally This Week Has Come!

So this week is very special to me. Yesterday a year ago, I was sitting on that beautiful and magical gazebo I've written about with the worlds sweetest guy. That night he read me Song of Solomon 1:2 which says "Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth! For your love is better than wine". Then he politely held my hand and asked if he could have permission to kiss me. Well... I said YES! So Yesterday a year ago was our first kiss. Tomorrow will be our 1 year anniversary! Its been a year of ups and downs but a year of wonderful happiness. I've never been more happy with a boyfriend than with Jash. He has truly made my life a complete joy. God has placed someone in my life who is a marvelous spiritual leader. Never letting me settle for being less than what I could be. Pushing me to explore and ask questions about my faith. These past couple of weeks I've just been thinking about all the wonderful things that have happened. I can't believe that this week a year ago I answered one of the most life changing questions with a simple yes. I sit here today with the same butterflies, and the same silly girl feelings I had a year ago. Watching him has he reads and listening to him sing. He won me over reading me Poe, Donne and several others. He sang to me on the gazebo and would just sit with me and talk and look into my eyes. He is the only person who has looked at me and can find like 20 things he loves. I only hope that one day I can show him how much I love him. I know I fail and my attempts are merely attempts. I do try to do things but I know they are never enough they are simply a feeble try. Any ways.. I just wanted to write about this week. I've been thinking and waiting for this week for months. Your first real anniversary only comes once. I've only had one other and it was...a train wreck. Horrible... worst date of my life! I'm just happy that this year I am with someone I love. Its gonna be a busy day cause of church but it will be nice just to be with the one I love :) 

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