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Sep 19, 2011

Sexy Jeans and Bridesmaid Dress

Ok!! SO I have a goal! I want to drop a few pant sizes and become a bit smaller. As of Thursday I started working out. I've been doing Jillian Michaels 30 day challenged DVD. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! Some days I just want to punch her in her face!!! Its a hard work out and it kills me each time. Well Saturdays I won't be doing the DVD cause Ashley, (a friend of mine who I will tell you about soon) is doing this Chick F.l.i.c thing. I think f.l.i.c Stands for Finding Life In Christ. I think.. but we start with 30 minutes of intense weight training/ toning. Its some hard core stuff!! Then we do 45 minutes of cardio/dance. Its like Zumba!! Which by the way I LOVE!!! I don't know where any classes are close by but I have ordered a DVD set and it will be here sometime next month. So have this 30 challenge when I'm WAY done with being yelled at by Jillian then I can dance! I'm excited. I have a wedding coming up October 15th and I'm a bridesmaid. My dress fits...but is a little tighter than the one in the store...and so I am very motivated to lose some weight so I enjoy this wedding. Also, my mom bought these 2 pair of jeans and they are just ... Amazing looking! I think the look sooo good. I think of them as my sexy jeans. My butt would look soooo good if these actually fit. And they are just cute! But... I can't put them on. They don't button.. they are VERY close....but I think 10-15 lbs lost...those jeans will look nice! So there is my motivation. I have another reason... I'm meeting Jash's mom this weekend! I will tell you more about that later. I have a lot to tell...its all coming soon. :)

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