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Sep 21, 2011

One Year!

So its here. My One Year anniversary with Jash. Its been a pretty nice day. Got up..(late) and walked to school. I kind of felt gross cause I didn't get a shower but I thought I had an exam this morning. Nope! Got moved to next week :) Then I saw Jash. We both had on our D-Now shirts from when we started hanging out and when everything pretty much started.  Well I went home and he went to class, I worked out, cleaned and showered. Back up to school for lunch and class. All day I've been craving anything BUT school food! Like Canton (Chinese) or just something. Well I wanted to make today specail I mean...Its our anniversary for crying out loud!! So I did my hair and make up and I am wearing a cute skirt and yeah. :) I tried haha. Well he said I looked very pretty :) We had lunch, then I had class and now we are just kind of sitting. chillin, playing on facebook, reloading my iPod, he is working on a lesson for tomorrow he is teaching. I'm very proud of him. We have church tonight. So we are leaving soon to head to that. Not a very eventful day but its nice. Just kind of doing our normal thing :) Just us. Well Got to go. Thats all I really had sorry.

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