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Apr 4, 2011

Its Been Awhile

WOW!!! I haven't written in like over a week. Also...I'm not very good at that whole photo challenge thing...yeah...Probably won't continue that. But I will just post random pictures. :) I do like doing that. I like adding pix to my blog. I don't really know if anyone besides me and Jash...and occasionally my mom....are actually reading this. haha.. I don't know why anyone would. But yeah. Ok so we had spring break this past week. For me.. 10 days of continuing to put off school work...but now.. no class. haha. Well Jash and I hung out at school. If you don't know our school is in a small town. Its called The Baptist College of Florida () Its small. But wonderful. Well we don't really have much here and for spring break we just chilled. literally... maybe 15 people where here... I saw...6. haha But so Jash worked and I chilled in my room. Enjoyed some me time. Then we would go to the student center and chill on the couch and watch movies. we did that... Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Tuesday we left and went to Tallahassee where my family lives. We just kind of hung out. Tuesday was just a couch and movies kind of time. Wednesday... it rained.... So...we cuddled on the couch and watched Netflix off the Wii all day. That night we made pizza. Those pix will be coming. =) Thursday we went to the Mall and had a blast. Had some lunch and got tropical smoothie and then picked my sister up from elementary school. That was cool. Cause each time I did she was like.. "thats MY sister. She is in college! How cool." I'M COOL!!! WOW!!! That made my week. We just kind of chilled and continued movies. Mom rented some and we watched the Tourist, something with Denzil in it and a run away train..and this movie.. 127 hours! O-MY-GOSH!!! not watching that again.. Any ways... we just had fun. Then Friday came and we hung with my mom. Alyssa (sister) went to sea world for a field trip. So mom, Jash and I went and hung out. Did some shopping and went to Davids Bridal to look at and try on a brides maid dress for a wedding i'm in. Here is what i tried on.... remember the color will be in marine blue.. and the halter like 4 sizes TOO big. The strapless is what it will look like in my size but the halter dress is what it really is.

Mom and I posted that we were going as our status on Facebook and it was hilarious at the responses because it was like on April Fools day. haha. But we really went! oh haha. Ok so umm...the rest of the day... movies. haha. Saturday was fun. Went to Spring Time Tallahassee parade with Mom, Alyssa, Grandma and Jash. Went out to eat and then went to my FAVORITE store. Ross. There was a MASSIVE shipment of dresses. I ended up with 5 and Alyssa got 4 and grandma got 3. It was fun. Jash picked out all my dresses and I LOVED them!!! Hopefully i'll get the pix of the little fashion show Alyssa and I put on soon from my mom. I'll post them :) That night we
played Clue FX which is the electronic version. It was sooo much fun. We went to bed at like 1:30 and got up Sunday morning early. Had pancakes and went to the beach. St. George Island. It was Fantastic!! Pix of that will come soon as well. :) ok well...we headed back watched a movie ate dinner and came back home to little ol' Graceville. My favorite part of the trip always the ride back. The time of just you and me. There is no one to take away my attention or yours. It just us in your little red truck. Its like our little home. Four walls and our little couch. The the world. We watch everyone pass by is a hurry and we just sit. Talk and whisper. Even share a few dozen kisses. From one place to another we share our weekend. We talked about how we missed each other. There was no time for just us. To be alone and talk. We escaped for a few on the beach. We talked about future plans. About ministry. About Him being a pastor and about my role and pastors wife and what plans we have. What ideas we have about starting a church and where. It was wonderful. But there was no time for us. The ride home...was just that. now we sit in the library reading, studying...well..blogging haha. Ok bye that was my week of Spring Break <3

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