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Apr 24, 2011

A Little Note...

Do you know how important these past few days and next 3 are? As a Christian and a Missionary... these days are the days that are why I live. People call this time Easter. If you've ever heard someone use words such as "saved", "gospel", "Palm Sunday", "Good Friday", "Resurrection Sunday" or any other names... they all come from these days. Being a Christian, you should understand that this "Salvation" that we hold to... actually happened. The past few weeks I've been reading through the Gospel books of Mathew, Mark and John. I haven't rad Luke yet...yeah I know..out of order. Anyways... each of these books tell us of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. This time called "Easter" is the time we celebrate. Why? Well...I did some research on that and read below. But first.. Lets talk. Lets get real for a moment. Those of you who claim the name of Christian do you know what that really means? I sat at dinner today with a man who works at my college and he asked Jash and I was verses we like. He said he was new to all this stuff and doesn't know much. I said I've only been saved since 2006. Then what he said next has repeated in my head all day. "Saved? I don't even know what Saved means." Are you claiming to be a Christian and you don't know what being saved is? I sadly have to admit I was caught off guard and my response was not what is should have been. I sit here now on this couch and think ... that moment with the bible open...of all things to say I didn't say "being saved, is the moment when you truly realize that You are guilty. That you deserve death because of the sin in your life. (sin: anything you think, say, or do that displeases God. Sin separates us from having a relationship with God. God can bot be with sin, therefore while we live fully in sin we can not live with God.) When You, with your heart, believe that Jesus Christ came to die for the payment of your sins. When you ask God for forgiveness of the sin you choose to consume your life and turn from it and fully live in God. That moment you are saved. Saved? Saved from what? Saved from an eternal life in Hell. Hell, a place of constant death, pain, fire. This moment is the most amazing moment of your life. Because you are now given life. Before this moment your were dead and destined to hell. But, But.. There is a but. God's but. But Christ has died for those who believe in him. The bible says the "I am the way, the Truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." Jesus himself says this. You no longer have to feel that guilt because your crime, your payment, your ultimate sacrifice was payed. Your bond was purchased with his blood. Being saved means I have life in Christ Jesus and will be never have to live in that place called hell." Something along those lines are what I should have said. But I didn't. Maybe soon we will sit down again and talk. The reason I brought this all up is because this "Holiday of Easter" that is celbrated with eggs, and candy and bunnies... these very days are the days that Christ died.
Ok....this is the end of my post for now... I'll add more later..

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