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Apr 12, 2011

My Personal Kryptonite this is where I share what my very own kryptonite is. Here they are...

1) Writing outlines. OH HATE THEM!!! If I can't actually see what it looks like and where things go and what things to look for...I'M LOST!!!! I just need a fill in the blanks and i'd be great!
2) Asking for Help. I don't know how to ask someone for help. I hate it. It shows weakness... But what really sucks... is when I do...and people don't pick up on it or just sort of don't care or want to... It may not be the case but thats how I feel
3) Being over weight. 208 lbs
4) Jealousy!!!!!!!! UGH!!!
5) Caring so much what people think about me and my actions and choices.
6) Failing in the eyes of those I love.
8) I can't have a lot of close friends. I can really only handle 2 or 3 at a time and really give 100% to those relationships
9) Being open. Sometimes... you can just share to much
10) Wanting to please people...It doesn't really matter all the time.
11) Not showing Affirmation of love to those close
12) Cleaning my ROOM!!!
13) Making excuses
14) Not showing that I care. That I want to be with someone or that I want to put them in a special category.
15) Sometimes I over look people
16) Scared of failure
17) There are many more....but i'll add some later.

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