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Apr 4, 2011

The Library Sillyness

Through the shelves you peek at me,
When I look you glance away and smile,
You look like a little school boy who just got caught
Doing something he was forbidden to see or do.
You smile, and your face turns a few different shades of red.
A little games starts to form.
You move and find different ways to look at me.
You always laugh silently.
You send a wink
We pretend we don't know one another.
Maybe this is our first time,
Our first meeting.
Love at First sight.
I sit here with friends and you stand over there.
Looking for a book.
I wonder... to myself.
Is he really looking or a book or at me?
Am I even worthy to steal a few seconds of his attention,
Is there something special about me?
Or is there green stuff in my teeth?
Is my hair messy?
Is my make up smeared?
Hmmm... he keeps looking.
You hide so I can't even see you.
The game takes another turn.
You laugh and say sign "call me"
You know I'm looking at you
and the corner of your mouth Goes up.
I know I've caught you when your head jerks fast.
You go back to finding your mission.
Back to books.
Back to Hemingway,
Back to Shakespeare.
Could it be Ms. Emily Dickinson who has captured you?
Is some great poet whos words are pulling you away.
As you work down the row of words
Words I can't share with you,
For you are far away...
These books who are your friends are concealing you from my eyes
They are not my friends. They keep you from me.
I no longer see your blue striped shirt.
The red hat is no longer visible
and your gone.
Back to typing this silly combination of words and thoughts,
Not thinking of things rhyme or flow.
You've made you way back to my end.
You stand.
You stare,
I stare.
Our eyes are met.
We smile.
Love again...
Then you walk and sit back next to me
The game is over.
It was fun and silly.
I love you
Love Emily

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