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Apr 5, 2011

David's Bridal

So April 2st Mom, Jash and I all went to David's Bridal to look at Bride's Maid dresses for a wedding that i'm in. Mom and I both posted it as our status on Facebook and my grandma called and aunt where freaking out. It was kind of funny. So we just went with it. Mom loved it. We took pix and had plenty of laughs about it. My favorite part.... while we where there the three of us talked about Jash and I getting married and dresses and colors and things we have talked about privately that we want in our was cool to hear my mom talk too. :)

Mom thought it was funny to take pix of both places. They just happened to be next to each other. She almost had Jash stand by under this sign and me under the other.

OK So... This is the style of dress. NO!!! The dress is not going to be black! It will be marine. Thats a lot more pretty than black. Also... this 4 sizes TOO big. But it was all they had so we could get an idea. The bottom dress. The strapless... Is the dress without the neck part and in my actual size. But yeah. :) So when I get the dress and get it fixed I'll post those pix.

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