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May 9, 2011

Catch Up Time

So its been a little while since I've posted. Well.. posted a lot. School...and life in general have been overwhelming. Would you like a catch-me-up? OK well here it is. Since Wednesday I've been sick. Sad day I know. Its really sucked. I ate Hardees for lunch on said day and...well.. as of today... which is Monday.. I'm finally feeling normal. It really sucked. I was going to bed by 9 or so and just laying there in a ball .of pain. My poor roommate but have been sick and tired of hearing me complain and well... the lack of toilet paper...TMI!! I know but haha wish I could see the face of whoever is reading this haha. Anyways... I bought a 12 pack and replaced it all. (remember I have to share my bathroom...4 of us!!!) Yeah I KNOW!!!! Well.. due to being sick and locked up in bed I missed out of time with Jash and making up on homework. I think the stress of everything had an affect on how I was feeling. So... thats been the crappy part of my life. (haha)

Some other news that I realized I haven't shared is about my summer!! Oh I'm so excited!!! Last year I was a summer missionary in south Florida. I had a blog...that I never finished...but I think I might go and add or fix..but yeah. So.. I was a VBS missionary. VBS= Vacation Bible School. Its a time during summer vacation where churches put on a program that each day is a new Bible story. Kids come and learn and have fun and can truly enjoy the Joy of Jesus! Last year my job was to go down to Ft. Lauderdale and help churches in the Gulf Coast Association. I was on a team of four. There were 3 girls, Katie, Lean and myself along with one guy who was James. We worked together for 9 weeks to organize and run 12 or 13 VBS programs. If you do your math thats more than 1 a was long and rough. But God changed lives and it was for me, Life  Changing.  Hey... I'll just add the video we made!!!  Well... anyways...This summer I was accepted BACK!!!!!!! I'll be on a traveling team in Ft. Myers and Naples area. I'm very excited. Jash was also accepted and he will be living in Ft. Lauderdale where I was!! My best friend,roommate, Hannah, also did it last year and was accepted back. She will be working in Miami. We three will be starting a great adventure June 1st. It all begins with a Greyhound bus trip. Hannah is leaving from Texas, Jash from Pensacola. They will both be arriving in Tallahassee at the same time where I will jump on and from there we ride to Ft. Lauderdale where orientation takes place on June 2nd. After that weekend we separate and each go to our own areas and start mission work! If your interested I'll be sharing what God is doing in my life and what trials, and speed bumps and what mountains God helps me overcome. I'm very excited!!! Ok well here is the video! Oh and you'll see and hear me and Hannah!!! I look a little different...haha

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