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May 10, 2011

Prince Charming!!!

Ok... with two posts I've expressed the fact that I was sick... Can I just say... I LOVE MY BOYFRIEND!!!!!!!!! I ended up going to work Friday. I really didn't want to. I'd have rather stayed in bed and slept or read, or did homework....but not work. Anyways... I went. My two kids were well behaved and we just watched Tangled and the new Narnia movie. Then... THEN there was a knock on the door. So I got up and opened the door. there stood Jash with this beautiful green vase that I really really wanted the other day at the store, and inside were some really pretty flowers that he drove around Gracville to pick!!!!!!! Plus he had a snickers bar. AWWW I know! He is just so DARN CUTE!!!!!!!

Then so, yesterday I was driving the truck and it overheated and I couldn't get the hood open. I felt like this girl who just...ugh. I pulled over and no one stopped to help. Well... one guy came over... but I called Jash. He showed up in Andrews truck. It was like prince Charming showing up on a white horse. Andrews truck what white. Here I am, woman on the side of the road in a skit and sweating like a boy. haha but yeah.. Thats my prince charming

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