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May 20, 2011

Our Final Day.

Ok...well I had an amazing time. Jash and I spent our time together and it was magical. Things didn't go exactly how we planned but it was just as amazing! We went to our friend John's house, He was out of town but said we could chill out at the house and watch movies all night and not worry, just chill and be alone. It was great. We watched Narnia, and Tangled. Before hand we went to Dollar General and got sour gummy worms, chocolate covered peanuts, soda, and all kinds of candy. We had fun. We cuddled and talked. We talked about the summer and just what we expect out of it. We talked about the future and where we are going. It was truly amazing. I fell asleep during Tangled... but woke up at the very end. Haha. I was hungry so it was a great time to head to Waffle House! So we did. We went had both got waffles. We talked and had a blast. Before we went in we stopped at walmart. My tooth was really hurting. I had a wisdom tooth that was infected growing and i needed some drugs. We also bought pillow cases and fabric markers. We plan on writing the names and attributes of God on them and exchanging them. It was his idea. I LOVE IT!! Well... we also got some cameras to take pix of our last few days together. I can't wait to see the pix. well... after breakfast we went back to walmart and got tubs for packing. Then on the way back to town it was like...6 something in the morning. The sun was up and then..gone. A huge storm was about to arrive so we headed back to our friends house. We continued watching movies and talking. We ate more candy and finished off our soda. It was great. Then back to school. I finished packing, and we moved my stuff into the shed. Then packed Jj's car so that I could leave Sunday after church. I must say..the having to say bye part...SUCKED!!! I hated it! Well...we went to church. Jash and I skipped Sunday School to spend some time together. Sadly we didn't really get that. I had to finish cleaning and bring my stuff down.. and get checked out of my dorm room. It was a bitter sweet moment. But yeah. Then on the way to church we kissed and laughed..and cried a little. At church the youth were amazing. So sweet. My girls convinced JJ to let us go out to lunch. At lunch they gave me a goodbye for the summer card that brought great tears. Then...having to say goodbye...was hard. So we pretended to see each other tomorrow... I"m just waiting on tomorrow to come. But its ok. on the 1st of June i'll see him for our great adventure on the buss.

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