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May 2, 2011

Random Nonsense

What a week! The semester is coming to an end and I haven't finished my projects, essays, book reports, journal entries...oh so much... Its all just so overwhelming. Balancing school, friendships or lack of, and maintaining a wonderful relationship...sure takes it out of a girl. This past week....was crazy. There were days where I thought my head was gonna explode and I just wanted to burst out into tears. The semester is coming to an end and I have come to realize that....I haven't done homework this semester. :( yeah BAD!!! I have a hard time with it. That is...doing it. I have a struggle...I don't want to be in school. I want to work and live. Being in a Baptist College... also does a lot. There are some issues and sometimes...I really just can't handle it. But Jash gets me through it. If he weren't here I would have quit a long time ago. He encourages me to push through and remember why I'm here. Some days...I just....want to give up and throw the towel in..but I can't. Thats not what Christ would do. So... This week. The last real week of school... I have LOTS of work to do and its a busy week. Every day there are activities going on that i'm committed to and I have to do them. The thing thats ....most my relationship with God. I've been struggling to keep my daily devotions and prayer life strong.  Due to the relationship with my Father falling there is stress on my relationship with Jash. With summer approaching I tend to fall back to old ways...pushing people away. I'm trying  my hardest to not do that. Balancing life... has been really hard. But I am so great full for Jash. Oh sooo thankful. He has really just been a great encouragement and inspiration. I just love him so much. Its gonna be great this summer. Even though we aren't going to be apart. He and I will both be doing missions in South Florida. Teaching VBS and helping churches. We are going to be on different teams but yeah. I'll be in the same state!! haha ok so i'v vented randomly but yeah. Until next time 

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