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Jan 1, 2011

Dear 2011

Dear 2011,
Its nice to meet. so recently I ended a relationship with 2010, and I really liked him. You...are an Odd Number and I am OCD...This relationship may already have some issues. BUT!! I'm willing to set that aside and make this work. So to start I guess we need to work on this resolution thing.. Well...I need to work more on this school thing.. speaking of this whole procrastination thing...yeah...I can keep putting it off..but...this may be the year to fix it. You know how Britt Nicole puts it... I want to set the world on fire. I want to help JJ get our youth group Set on FIRE!!!! These kids have been through a lot and its time to step up. Lets see...there is always the eating more healthy and loosing weight thing. Yeah thats a great one... I mean... I'm all up for it..but have you eaten at school??? Not much to choose from...but recently i've been working on it so i'd like to bring that into this relationship. Haha. Okay what else... OH!!! This is...really important. OK soo...There is a guy in my life. He just so happens to be my boyfriend. He is so FANTASTIC and AMAZING!!! We've had our ups and downs. There was a time when there wasn't even an us. However we have worked through a lot of things and this feels so different. We are on the same page and we have come to realize what we mean to each other. We've become very open about things and its great. I have to let you know something. I am way over my head. I love this boy with a Deep, Hopeful, Zealous, Forgiving, Honest, Jealous, an unfailing, a kind, patient, protective, Honoring, and Trustful, passion. Starting off this new year He gave me his heart. He already had mine but i asked him if he would have it. So, 2011 my resolution on this is more of a promise. I promise to protect his heart and guard it. Also with my friends, I want to become a better friend. Be there for them like they have for me. Pray for them more and pray with them. Be the Godly woman they can come talk to. Most of my friends are much younger so I hope i can help. And just have fun and enjoy second chances. ♥ This new year is gonna be Awesome. I'm excited about our relationship. Well... Got to go...there is a pile of homework to be done by tomorrow haha.

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