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Jan 8, 2011

How words make me feel tonight...

Here are my thoughts right now. Thoughts from days gone by. Feelings....after some point do words lose their meaning? Can a text or a message or a wall post replace the sound of your voice? I've cried for so long to just hear you talk to me. To see your face. You've written such sweet poetry and made my heart skip a beat. You've sent me text that melt my heart and bring tears to my eyes. But with the distance and the time....I have reached my limit. So much has been said,and so deep have we talked... you have opened up your heart...but only to a girl on the other side of a text. Here I sit in Central Florida and you are up in New York... are only communication are the sounds of keys. From cellphones to computers....everything has been said through them... I've had the blessing to hear your voice 4 times so far. Most of the time we were limited to just minutes...but how tears formed and worries faded.... but now...I'm so just overloaded with all of this.. You heart as been poured out and so has mine. The problem is in the reassurance of your eyes.. those that I have lacked to see in sooo long. How they hold truth. And how your arms comfort me so and let me know that your yes is yes and your no is no... and with what you say you will not let me go....But alas... I can not have that right now. So ....i sit here..and I struggle. Will you still be like this when we are back together? Will you still talk this way, so open and honest? Will you still feel this way or is it loneliness? Will you still keep to your promises will you still want the same things? I feel like you have gotten comfortable with a girl named Text.

When Do Words Impact the most?
When Do Words find their importance?
Wen Are Words Used the right way?
When words are written from the heart, preserved for all the world to see?
When words are spoken, in a moment captured to be remembered, by you and me?

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