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Jan 17, 2011

Mr. Awesome Writes Another Song

Today Jash and I spent the day together. Yesterday I cam back and we were Finally Reunited which you can read about in the next post.... but we sat on the dock... He pulled out his guitar and played me a song... This is the second song he wrote and the second that is for me. He said he wrote this over the break and he worked very hard on it...which i can tell. I love it!!!

Misfit in Distress

My white horse, he is not so white
And my armors gotten rusty and doesn't shine so bright.
I've lost my sword and my shield for my protection
And my compass lost it's needle, and I have no direction.
And this dungeon is so cold tonight.

So won't you come and rescue me?
Won't you come and breath your life back into me?
Won't you come and break my chains with one of your smiles?
Wont you come and hold me tight?
Won't you come and let me see day light in your eyes?
Come riding in with the strength that you posses
And rescue me, Your misfit in distress

I can't face, I can't face my own dragons
I"m so weighed down with baggage
And the chains around my soul.
And oh, I need your arms right here
I need your shoulder for my tears
You're the rock I lean on.
You are What I lean on


I love you My Em

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