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Jan 2, 2011

Mr. Awesome Makes Me Cry

Its been....a crazy few days.. But I just have to say... I Love Mr. Awesome. I've expressed that a lot! But.... read this and tell me you wouldn't say that too!

"Hey, babe. Your my treasure. You deserve to have a perfect boyfriend. Dashing prince to save you from anything that frightens you! But you chose me. A scarred and broken beggar. So I've got to make my meager qualities shine as best they can for you, i can't give you a castle. But i can give away anything that makes you unhappy. Maybe the shack will be a little more bearable for you, my treasure"

"hey, I was thinking. Baby, i don't always listen to you like i should. there are a lot of things i don't know about you. I call you my treasure, but sometimes i don't treat you like it. Will you forgive me?

Is this not What so many of us desire to hear deep inside? Ok...look...Mr. Awesome... earned his name. I love him sooo much...and it brings tears to read this. These came out of no where. I only shared 2 text with you...maybe i'll share some others...maybe not. haha. Wel.. its late...Need to go to bed. night!

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