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Jan 3, 2011

Only The Stars Understand

Here is a Thought...A passing moment in time...Held in my heart all night...but written in the early of morning...Most likely by some chance... to be read tomorrow. Not by any means is this an attempt to bring forth tears, or to speed up a heart beat. Simply thoughts from a girl who has finally come home...but to a home where her heart is not at. A story...a sad story..but a true story none the less.... This is a story of Juliet and her Romeo

Part 1: The Escape

Here I sit in a place once again...
Back here where there is an escape.
A back door, an exit sign,
No questions asked.
Slip right out the door...
and i'm gone.

Noise has filled my head for countless days,
OH how busyness has been my constant companion.
When the door is closed and it is just the four walls,
sounds such as consistent chatter,
and laughter,
are coming through!

But now,
Back in this place once again...
A thought, then a glance,
How quickly can this be done?
shoes on my feet,
and warm clothes on my body.
I hit the door,
No questions from anybody.

How the air stings my cheeks that were so warm,
The Wind plays with my eye lashes.
Little tears start to form in this dash.
My hands become victim to the biting of the cold.
My feet and my legs have no time for such distractions,
Knowing the destination of heart and mind.

Oh... a stop.
One more step and the destination will have been reached.
Onto the dock my feet take me.
My heart stops. Restart. And beats slowly.
My head no longer is spinning with distractions.
My mind goes blank.

Tonight I sit,
I have no need to ponder in the depths of a sad soul,
There is none to be found.
It is only I who sit here.
Taking a moment to finally catch a breath.
I look around and there they are.

The stars
Oh how I have missed your twinkle.
Here I sit and talk to you oh Father
Creator of the stars.
I have missed this Sanctuary!

Part 2: My Companion Tonight, The Stars

Time paces by and I find my self glancing back,
A thought of another,
My companion.
Wondering if he is approaching.
Walking to hide away with me.

My Romeo, Oh my Romeo,
Where have you gone?
Are you not coming down the hill this very moment,
Gray sleeves hidden by a black jacket
Jeans covering your legs from the cold
Hands in your pocket trying to be warm.

Alas, No.
A trick of the mind.

As I sit on the arms of the dock,
Romeo! I see you, yet again.
Only in a foggy haze,
This time you are chasing... Juliet around.
Teasing and laughing.
You push her away but not too far from arms length.
Snatching her back as she turns away,
Into your grasp she falls.

Romeo and Juliet,
How their secret moments are hidden from all.
Only in memory
Protected by the walls of the dock and
By the casting of darkness by the night.
Slowly they fade away.
Like sand blown by the wind in the palms of my hands.

A song begins to play.
Only I can hear it now.
Suddenly, Juliet appears.
Looking over the railing.
Oh how the stars reflect on the lake.
She is met by her Romeo.
He takes her hands and holds her waist.
Simply but with such grace and elegance,
He glides her around in a dance.
Whispers of the heart are exchanged between the lovers,
How the sandman casts a sleeping spell on everyone,
So that Juliet may dance with her Romeo.

The wind blows and they are gone again.
My eyes are met by the swift brush of a my hand.
A tear escapes the quick motion and it falls from my cheek.
I glance up to the stars.
How they seem to feel..
they seem to feel what I am feeling.
The twinkle is more of a smile,
A wink.

A reminder that my Romeo is missing me too.
For they have seen him,
When I have not.
They tell me of his tears,
Of his sadness.
They bring me a message,
A song,
A poem,
A groan from his guitar.

The stars understand how Juliet feels tonight.
For while there is no Romeo tonight,
As such tonight, in the sky,
the stars find themselves moonless.
Two loves with out their others.

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