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Jan 1, 2011

Mr. Awesome Writes A Song

I just wanted to say that my boyfriend Jash, Really is Amazing! Sometime October or November he wrote me a song and he gave me permission to post it on my blog! So here it is.

Until Midnight

By Steven Jashub Comstock

Hey Cinderella,
Your arms beckon me, like the siren’s call
And you’re beautiful, like the colors of fall
Lighting up the grayest of my grays
The moon – it shines, and lights up my teary eyes
While I feel as dark and lonely as this nighttime sky
And I don’t like the way, it going

Until midnight won’t you be mine, and we’ll dance to the rhythm of
The clock hand keeping time
If dreams are the wishes of my hear, well mine came true
I’m holding the love of my life until midnight

I’m glad you dropped your slipper made of glass
Otherwise I would have never found the glue to my broken path.
And the perfect princess never would of found this misfit prince
Oh, it looked like our heart beats interfered
With the clock ticker and its keepin years
That clock hand is still on 11:59
Looks like we’ve got forever until


Until midnight we’ve got forever, an we can go dance
Feet lighter than the lightest feather


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