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Jul 23, 2011


Here are some pix from my summer so far!
  Me and Bethany
 Me with my Pre K kids
 Awww one of my littles ones at a church
 Craft time with the youth
 4th Of July celebration
 Me and my partner
 Cuban BBQ

 Our team and the Miami team

 Me, Sydney and Hannah
 AWW Our youth from one week :)
 I Got to see Hannah. This is 4th of July
 I have a red Streak now!!!
 7-11-11 Free Slurpee Day!!!!
 AHHH!!! I got to see JASH!!!!
 HAHA this was at the Cuban BBQ we went to the lighthouse and there was a museum thing...and well I found the outhouse! haha
 Mall trip... JUSTIN BIBER!!!!!
 This is roof parking at publix in Miami
 Free Slurpees!!
 Snack craft!

 Thumbs UP!

 Oh Seth!! making a call during VBS!!! RUDE!


 Bethany <3
 Too Hot for our own good
 Oh boy was Children's church..what can I say


 This is the result from a you see carpet burn on my knee and the bruise... from a chair...its HUGE!!

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