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Jul 17, 2011

Back Up And Running!

I'm sooo excited!!! I have sooo much great things to say!!!
First of all.... My computer is back up and running!!!! I got my charger... (after a month!) And its all good!! So i'm able to post again! <3 Second, I have a few new things in my life... Like a new phone...and RED HAIR!!!! Yes I will post a picture or two. But so.... there are lots of things that have happened... I've faced some of the biggest challenges of my life this summer... and its coming to an end. Tonight is the beginning of our second to last VBS!!! Ok so.... Wow...what else ...OK so... last place I left off we were heading to Miami to help with VBS.

Week 5
So we found ourselves back in Miami for another week. It was a fun week. We worked at a Spanish church this time. Oh it was great! There were few kids and we kept them all as one group. But that gave each of us a day to teach. Since there are 5 of us and 5 only made since. So..we were working at this church and we show up Sunday and I must say.... I was prepared to not understand anything when I saw the sign that said Spanish Service ----->  and we followed the arrow. HAHA well that was the best sermon I heard All summer!!! The pastor had a man in the congregation translate everything for us. WoW!! It was about the word Holy and how we miss use it all the time. To say "Holy crap" "Holly ____" but the word is sacred and we use it so flippantly! I felt very convicted. so... worship was cool and just everything. We were treated to some Cuban home cookin. :) oh yeah! As the week went on we had sooo much fun ....oh hey I got to run.. I'll finish later. Sorry!!!!

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