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Jul 17, 2011

The Old Couple

This is what I wrote in church today... Yes I wasn't completely lisetning to the sermon...sorry....but this...I just couldn't help it... so here it is:

So sitting in church today there is the most adorable couple sitting in front of us. A short little old couple. As we all stand and sing he is unable to so there he sits. She stands and claps and slowly sways back and forth like a baptist would. Haha. Her light pink shirt comes up just a little and he gently fixes it for her. Pulling her shirt back down to cover her bottom. He swiftly fixed it like a prince, guarding her purity. He makes it all straight and flattering. She turns with a slight embarrassed face, but when she catches his eyes her surprised and embarrassment whipped away and became a beautiful, flirty, sweet, genuine and youthful, loving smile. She rewarded him with that glance. She turned and the moment is forever kept sacred. Once the sermon begins they sit so close to one another. Both leaning in to each other. I can tell they are holding hands.Her body completely leans into him. In their old age it  is obvious that they are in need of things. He with his walker and air tank. She... she has him. Thats all she needs. Sitting her and thinking he has probably spent his whole life lifting her up and being strong for her. Now he sits in front of me, small and tiny. I suspect now..she hold him up. He once was her strength but now she is privileged to be his. :) They ar so sweet. So beautiful. This couple...has captured my heart. A sweet woman and her sweet husband. What a blessing to share their moment  :)


  1. Can we be a cute, sweet old couple one day?

  2. YES!!!! You just have to marry me first haha and spend your whole life with me and grow old...then we can be that sweet old couple. :)