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Jul 23, 2011


Ok so last thing I was telling you was about working in our week in Miami. Well It was a great week. We had loads of I'm finding myself having sooo much to say but not nearly enough time. We get to starbucks because we have no internet at the condo... I think I've decided to write everything in Word and then I'll just upload the next time I get online. :)
I have loads of pix and all kinds of stuff!!! Sorry. I doubt anyone reads this so its not like a big let down. But so ....Today is Saturday. Bethany and I ...this is our last Saturday together and next week....we say goodbye. :(
We are about to start work at a Korean church in Ft. Meyers!! We are sooo excited! She is gonna lead worship! WOW how awesome! Ok well... I'm gonna have to just update when we get home. Its been a great summer and I've loved it! I can't wait to tell you about the 4 kids I was able to pray with. Each of them received Jesus as Lord and Savior!! How awesome! OK well...Keep Bethany and I in your prayers, this week seems like it will be long. and just busy. So yeah! Ok well out for now...

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