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Jul 25, 2011

Lets Try Again For A Recap

OK..Lets see there is sooo much to recap on. Last I left you (twice).. was the Miami church. Ok well... we came back and after that we had a lot of things to do....well..sitting here I'm trying to go back and remember all the details..but at the moment I'm unable. Right now, I'm sitting up in Ft. Myers in a Barnes and Nobles, This is my last Monday. Wow... This time next week...I'll be back in Tallahassee... I guess most ...all summer..I've been thinking of the things I can't wait to do. Like see Jash!! AHHHHH I"m soo excited. Like really! After this summer... I've seen him..3 days.. Not even full whole just Us days.. Oh yeah by the way the whole team... all 10 missionaries which means all 4 teams where able to meet up in Ft. Lauderdale July 16th and go see HP7.5!!! Oh it was GREAT!!! That means I got to see Jash! I was soo... :D OH YES!! VERY HAPPY!!! Ok so back to my rant... I've been thinking all summer about the things I missed and what I cant wait for..most included Jash if not all. haha I did... write my dad a letter... I don't think I have ever talked about this..but dad and I ...don't have the best relationship.... I wrote him a very personal letter... and prayed that maybe...we could become closer. Well...he and I talked a little and things seem great! I hope we can finally hang out and do stuff...Father Daughter stuff. GOSH!! Thats all I want!!!!!So... that was something BIG I did this summer. I have been looking forward to that relationship growing and moving back into my dorm and decorating and doing better in school this semester. I have to or i'm kicked out. I"m on probation. :(  Sad day I know. I think I've been thinking soo much about what I was missing...that these past few days I've realized when I leave... I will be missing something here... I have a new life and new routines and new friends. I have awesome memories! Each of which deserve their own post :) so.. Look forward to the future!!!!

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