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Jul 5, 2011

Missing YOU!

Dear Stephen Jashub Comstock,
I would just like you to know, that I miss you! Its been weeks since I've seen you! I miss you sooo much! I want you to know I LOVE my Pandora bracelet. I wear it all the time and talk about you more than people want to hear. I haven't been as strong as you think. Knowing your just over an hour away and I'm unable to see you KILLS me! I miss my best friend. I miss seeing your eyes and having our daily talks. I miss doing devotionals with you and discussing our in person. I miss sitting in your little red chevy driving around laughing and singing and dancing to music. I miss falling asleep on your shoulder during a movie. I miss hearing you sing and laugh and talk. I can't wait to have deep theological conversations with you. There are some starbucks trips in the future! I miss going to church with you and holding your hand. OH MY!!! I miss holding your hand!!! I miss your kiss good night. One on each side of my nose, my forehead and then my lips. I miss you! I miss you tickling me and making me laugh. I miss everything! You are my best friends and i can't wait to be with you again. I just wanted you and EVERYONE to know that I love you. My relationship with God and my salvation are my number 1 gifts and most valuable things and you my dear are my number 2! I love you!!! Ok well... I have to go but I will talk to you soon!! I look forward to hearing your voice soon.. I wish it were in person but I will settle for a phone call. I love you
Love Forever and Always

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