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Jul 5, 2011

VBS Summer Missions Update

HI!!!!!!!!!!!!! So guess what... its been 4 weeks of VBS missions!! My computer charger broke and when I say broke I mean wires where showing and sparks were green! So.... I am 1. without a charger... 2. without internet at the condo we are at.... Ok... I have a little time and I would like to let you my readers... umm I don't really know if I actually have any..but if any one is interested here is whats been going on.

Our first weekend we had a crazy time! It was constant VBS info and overload!! Jash, Hannah and I all made it safe and sound to Ft. Lauderdale. It was fun. Oh gosh... seeing Jash for the first time was the most amazing feeling. I was like waiting forever at the station. Mom and I went and got Taco Bell for us all to eat. Their bus was over an hour like 2 hours late!! When I saw him in his pink shirt walk through the door I ran and didn't let go for ... until we got to Ft. lauderdale. Haha.. Then... it was hard... cause we didn't get to talk Privately or hug or just...have any us time. We still haven't had that since school.... so its been forever!!!! Well during that weekend we all learned about Purpose being Boss. What is my job? Its to help and assist churches in the program called VBS. I am to help by teaching bible stories, craft, rec, mission stories and in music. Help to organize time and anything else that is asked. Well... Saturday came and we all said our goodbyes and we went off or our Mission Posts. Bethany and I jumped in her car after lunch and headed to Napes Florida!

Week 1
My partner (Bethany) and I had to jump straight into teaching VBS on Monday. We learned the material during the day and taught it at night. We worked with a church that we will just call Cypress. It was a lot of fun!  I taught 3rd and 4th grade the first week. Oh gosh they were so cute. I had like 7 kids. Also 2 adult helpers and the Missionary that was at the church came to my class with his son. Ok... umm PRESSURE!! haha it was very intimidating. I sometimes was a little worried and nervous... Just hoping i was teaching the right stories. haha. Well I had these little girls that were attached to my hip, asking if they could come home with me every night! haha SO CUTE!!! Well...I was nervous and thought I completely messed up the Gospel presentation (death or Christ) and there were nights i felt like i just sucked! Bethany and I would talk on the way home and we would discuss teaching methods and encourage one another. It was great! Well there were two decisions to follow Christ in Bethany's class. I didn't have any but I know I did exactly what God wanted me to do. The week was great and fun!!! So... Friday.. We ended VBS and headed to a youth lock in and had fun. Then...Saturday...

Week 2
Saturday came and Bethany and I drove down to Miami and helped out that team. Hannah, Sydney and Jessica. Oh how that was so great!!! I needed sometime with Hannah. I LOVED our church. Miami Shores. Oh WOW!!! I taught 3's and Pre-K. There were sooo many kids enrolled last minute that they were in need! Bethany and I were dropped from our two churches that week and that was SOOO God! We came down and Bethany taught 4th grade and well... you know where I was. HAHA Well I was a little nervous... Nothing to be nervous about at all! Oh wow!! I loved teaching these kids! It was awesome. Later I'll post the Lessons for each day. I LOVE THEM!!!!! Well lets just say that week, we met a soldier who asked Jesus to heal his servant and Jesus just spoke the words and the man was healed... From being soldiers the kids had their feet washed and learned about Love and that you can love Jesus in crazy ways!!! Then in the middle of the week we found ourselves in a boat and a massive storm was a brewing!!! however we trusted in Jesus like peter did and we walked on water...but when we lost sight of our trust and our faith was weak we began to down.. but Jesus saved us... we traveled to Samaria where we saw Jesus talking to a woman he shouldn't have and showed her forgiveness. She went and told everyone who he was. We learned at the end of the week that we should share our stories with others and live our lives like Christ! Also every night all 5 of us missionaries went to youth VBS. Where we were taught by Mrs. Pearl. She was the BOMB!!! I met some amazing people and will have to blog about that whole experience later. We gave our testimonies and I lead the group in a gospel presentation using one sheet of paper and tearing it once. I'll make a video and show yall some time. Finally Saturday came ...We went to South Beach to swim and then headed back to Napes.

Week 3
This was our double VBS week. We taught at one church in the morning starting at like 8:30 or 9. Bethany and I were gonna teach Pre K or Kindergarten. We talked and she was gonna teach and I was gonna do whatever she asked... well our plans were not God's plans. I ended up teaching a class and she was in a class. It was CRAZY!!! I learned that just because the way I was teaching at one church doesn't always work at another. I've learned to adapt my teaching style. Then at night we had a second church. It was much further... like and hour and a half away.... so ..we had like 2 ta 3 hours depending  on the day in between VBS to rest.  We had an interesting experience there... I learned to stand my grown on my by personal beliefs and theological standings. I was challenged and felt unwanted but.. Not everyone is gonna like me. Thats okay. I learned a lot and how one day I'm gonna treat the members of the church Jash and I start. I have learned and have taken lots of notes on how I would like to run VBS in our church and just how to treat church members and non members. Well there were ups and downs... but we made it through. :)  Saturday was a day to get our erands done...then....

Week 4
This was a great week!!! However... Sunday.... day 1, we went to church and Bethany was NOT feeling good... Poor girl... she was sick. We were teaching youth this week. It was just WOW!!! I was excited because this was the first time i really was getting the chance to teach. I learn by seeing things and having physical examples. Well...that is also how I teach. I loved it. Each day I presented our story and also the Gospel in a different way each day. I can't wait to like take pix and video and post them on here. So... there were no decisions made to follow Christ however... it was really awesome to talk to these youth. Hear their stories, pray for them. Find out whats going on in their lives. We used these awesome cards called Soularium Cards, (cards with pictures on them) and they are used to strike up conversation and get peoples minds going.. Oh its so fun. The youth started asking tons of question and I was able to answer them. It was just AWESOME!!! I fell in love with these kids. Friday was family night. It was also our last night and it was a little sad to say goodbye. But yeah. Bethany's family came down for the weekend and they came with. We went to some island and had dinner and yeah. It was cool. We headed on down to Miami Saturday night to help the team with another VBS...

Week 5
This is were I currently reside. I can't really give info because...well its now! haha.
SO keep praying for us. I haven't been feeling the best...there has been a little drama..but God is bigger that drama and we have worked through it all. :) Well... Thats a wrap!

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