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Dec 17, 2010

Dancing With You

Last night was a night...i'll never forget. Like early...there was lots said. But at some point... Goodbye came. A few kisses here and a hug there. Out of the truck i went. Up the stairs i went...stumbling, fumbling with my keys. I see you in the moonlight...and ask for one more hug. That hug led into standing in the parking lot with my arms around your neck and your arms around my waist. Moving around in a circle, laughing and joking. We put our things away in your truck and return to the sound of gravel shifting under our feet. Our song starts to play. The humming of the air conditioner, the shifting of gravel, two hearts beating, the wind softly blowing, little noises all around.... The way you make me feel, the way you make me laugh. No one has ever brought these sounds of pure joy into my life. I never know for sure if your feeling the same but I pray you do. You silly voices and your goofy laugh. OH the things I love about YOU! We make our way to the dock. Neither of us are tired and its one in the morning. We stand on the wooden dock which I love so much. Your arms are around me and We hear our song yet again. You start to dance. You know i have two left feet and yet you are willing to let me trip you here and there. Joking and laughing and teasing each other. The most wonderful moment of all time. No one around, no one to see Juliet with her Romeo. Stealing a moment together, in the stillness and darkness of night. Oh how i will remember that moment for the rest of my life. My dear Romeo how i Love you. Your smile in the light of the moon just heals my heart. Your laugh makes me forget what i was so worried about. Your eyes... the way you look at me, the way you trace my face, you see me. Your arms. OH HOW I LOVE YOUR ARMS!!! So strong and so perfect. how they wrap around me just right. How when i pull away they don't break. You keep your grip, letting me know your there. You want me. Words sometimes are painful and break promises and vows and hearts. But physical words, physical motions. Showing what you want to say... means so much more. No sounds needs to be heard. For the heart hears it all. From one heart to another mine says I love you. Last night Dancing With You, was a dream come true.

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