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Dec 14, 2010

The Purpose Of Nothing

This is not a poem, this is not a song, these are simply words being typed. A thought for a moment. It was a thought from yesterday which was written today and will be read tomorrow.

The Purpose of Nothing.......
Is there even a purpose for such a thing?
This mask in which I coward behind.
The answer to questions i'd rather not give.
The way I say I feel when you said goodbye.

Can Nothing even have feelings?
Can it break a heart when you have nothing left?
Is feeling nothing better than feeling something?
What part of having it all and losing it all did Nothing join in?
Why is Nothing apart of my life?

When did Something become Nothing?
Did the clock strike midnight,
Did the wishing star fall down?
Did the prince lose his way?
Was it all apart of a dream from far away?

When time stood still nothing could touch us,
When watching the stars nothing seemed impossible,
When you were the prince nothing seemed scary,
When did our dreams of something and everything become Nothing and never?

Where did Nothing go?
Did we stop at the station?
Did I miss the train?
All of a sudden I found myself standing..
with nothing.

A feeling of Nothing is more than just something.
Its been emptied and poured out.
Not by choice, this time.
It become a mask.
Feeling nothing so you don't feel something.
Hiding behind Nothing is nothing simple at all.

The Purpose of Nothing,
Is nothing.
No, Not, Never.
Hiding, Running, Seeing.
Masks, Covers, Walls.
Nothing is there for protection from Something.

Sometimes that something is
A someone,
A some time,
A some place,

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