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Dec 21, 2010


I watched words break someone today. Words broke her spirit...Brought tears to her eyes. Words destroyed someone today. The words part..they came from someone she loves.... From that..came my thoughts on words...

Words. Words are one of the most powerful things we have freedom over. Words can build an army and encourage a people or a country. Words can also bring down everything around someone. A simple joke in the expense of another. A thought said out loud that should have stayed quiet. With words people can encourage one another with positive comments and love. However there is something about the way we use words that can bring a person so far down. The way words are said can bring several emotions to someone if said in a negative way such as rejection, humiliation, hate, sorrow, anger, distrust, fear, sadness, being unwanted, sometimes even depression. When words aren't meant to hurt they can bring happiness, joy, fulfillment, encouragement, excitement, hope, faith, peace, and even love. Words are very powerful. Here is a quote from my someone I dearly love.

"Words are powerful things. Words cans start a movement, or a revolution. Words can break a heart, or mend it. Words are the breath of our heart, and if you let them grow stale, they will bring the sickness bitterness. The sword may pierce the flesh, but the pen pierces the heart." Jash Comstock

Words are so beautiful in their own. They way they can be woven into sentences can bring magic into the world. Poets have a way of doing such a thing. Putting words together that bring forth such imagination from the minds of readers. Stitching together stories with just one word at a time. Over time these words fit together like a quilt. Something beautiful is shown or told. Words can flow like rivers, or can move like the wind. Words are so beautiful. When someone allows the words to speak to him, he can bring forth such stories that make the mind run wild. Words can be used to describe feeling that are so hard to explain. Using words to tell someone how much they mean to you and to tell them how much you love the. Words can be used to fix someone's heart who is broken. At the same time words are just as powerful to build up someone...they can break someone just as easily. When choosing words look at them, see what power they may hold. Words are more powerful than we think.

Words how they are wonderful.

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