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Dec 15, 2010

Favorite Places-The Gazebo

The Gazebo.
The Gazebo can be found in the middle of campus life. Painted white. Wooden. This Gazebo is a beautiful spot. The way the sun hits the benches, when its raining in the day the Gazebo is there to run to. When it just so happens to be sunny and there is that random rain ....The gazebo holds you in a moment of aww. Now this Gazebo is not like any other. To be honest... Its magical. Not everyone sees what happens for feels the magic. I my self never took the time to take in just the power of this simple place. One day it happened. Sitting on the Gazebo, Something happened. A moment came and the magic started. Sitting under the dim lights at night, the gazebo began to work. Time stood still all around. A conversation between two hearts began just before six and when the world caught up with them, morning was coming and it was two of them standing to say good night but said good morning at two am. The moments continued over time. The Gazebo began to draw people in. Lovers, soon to be lovers, and tender hearts all gather here and there when called and share moments with one another. Some days you never know when the magic will happen. Sitting and reading, studying and singing, sometimes the mood you leave with is lighter than before. Sitting on the benches, there are times i'd would have rather not left. Sitting with someone who my heart began to beat for. Butterflies exploded and hands began to shake. Days of sitting and talking... Discussing possibilities. He asked to hold my hand and I said yes. He asked to kiss me just once, and I said yes. He asked to be his girlfriend and i said yes. He sang to me silly songs, happy songs, sad songs, and love songs. All while on the gazebo. On day of such sorrow and sickness, Candy land, Cookies, hot chocolate and friends could be found, building gingerbread houses. The moment your feet step onto the gazebo something happens. Sometimes i take a breath before i take that first step on. Sometimes its hard to leave. When in moments such as these, fear of placing your feet off of the bench. When you both touch the floor you know the moment is over. When you walk down those steps time hits like big breaths and reality comes back again. The Gazebo is on of my favorite places. being with friends and laughing and singing, The gazebo has magic and its worth seeking.

Here is a picture of a recent engagement on this same Gazebo

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