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Dec 15, 2010

My Favorite Places- The Dock

Sitting in an unfamiliar place, alone, hours before I usually find myself tired, I have come to the point of restlessness... Wanting to just be out, doing something or running around. There are so many things on my mind. Things to research, things to take care of, and people i need to fix things with... I'd like to be in my room cleaning and rearranging.. but I am sent to an empty room alone. Feels like solitary prison. Bare walls, crap bed, At least i have my escape. My computer. haha....I decided to leave this room of depression... where to go? Thats when I began to think of my favorite places.

The Dock
There is a dock on our lake. Nothing grand nothing fancy. A place I've found myself turning to for the past three semesters. Several nights I have been lead to hide away in this place. Hidden in darkness.Its a place for lovers to embrace for just a quick moment. A place to just sit and be alone together. On cold winter nights holding one another and whispering "I love you". Closing your eyes and knowing that nothing matters but that moment. Something about the water calms me down as well. Being able to hide on the dock and look up at night. Seeing the most beautiful sky. Its a place of safety. The place where i sit is so comforting. The way the wooden corners meet and wrap around the dock. I can lay right there. No one sees my feet. No one sees my head. I'm completely hidden from the world. This place I love deeply. A place where i have had many great devotions. Time spent with God just talking, or crying, and asking for mercy and forgiveness. This is a place I feel i could just hide and be right there, under my Father's gaze. Knowing i'm staring up into a place so beautifully created. My God made these stars, he made the galaxy and while doing so, He KNEW that I would lay out and see his creation and was for me. The Dock is a place I have sought in time of sadness. When death hit my family I hid on the arms of the dock to sob silently away from others gazes. The sounds of the water under the dock, and look out to see the stars and mood reflected in the lake, just reassured me how Great my God is. Tonight I went to the dock. With an I pod and my blanket. Sitting there bundled up and being calmed was just what i needed.

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