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Dec 26, 2010

The Little Things

(I love to make this is the first of many to come)

The Little Things I LOVE!!!

1) Being BAREFOOT!!!!!!!!
The sweet joy of feeling the cold, warm, wet, dry, squishy, smooth ground ... sends happy chills through my body.

2) As soon as I am in the shoes come off.
Sunday... I usually just leave my shoes in the car. haha

Whats more fun than going with someone and smelling candles??? (honestly)

4) Being by water..
Like sitting on a dock or being at the beach.

I love the sand. The water.. the smell.. the relaxation of it all. Looking for seashells... Oh its great.

6) A comfy sweater!
Its like wearing a blanket. Duh.

7) SOCKS!!!
I love holiday socks..and just fun socks all together.. but i only wear them in the house when i'm cold...

8) I FREAKING LOVE HOT CHOCOLATE!!!!! Marshmallows!!! OH MY!!!!!

9) I love those dumb videos on Youtube that go around facebook. Like the Hide Yo Kids.. Bahaha..
(confession...i'm listening to that now)

10) Going out of my way to step and leaves.
OK COME ON!!!!! You know when you see that know..the one that is just crying to be stepped on to bring forth that beautiful CRUNCH sound

11) Oh what is greater that having that pair of pajama pants!!!
Just imagine.. your best Pajama pants, with your favorite sweater while wearing cozy fuzzy socks and drinking Hot does that get better!!!

I just found away to make the previous one (11) better....

12)Favorite Pajama bottoms + Favorite Hoodie (seater)+ Cozy, fuzzy socks + Hot Chocolate + being in the arms of the one you love = THE BEST THING EVER!!!!!!

13) Singing at the top of my lungs in the car.
Especially to like Nsync or backstreet boys...or something dumb like that.

14) Dancing along to songs in the car.
This is one of the ways I fell in love with my boyfriend Jash. Well this and with #13. Singing in his truck and dancing to whatever song on the radio... =TONS OF LAUGHS!!!!

(enough said on that)

16) Taking time away from everyone and just writing and singing and reading my bible. Having some great Chill time!
(that is how this list came to be)

17) Looking at greeting cards.
OK COME ON!!! I could spend HOURS looking at cards. Who needs a reason. I love those Hoops and Yoyo cards...they crack me up!! Go into Walmart and Target and just read the cards. Getting a birthday card is my favorite!!! Cause i like to get something TOTALLY random! If its a guy's 18th birthday...get him a Happy 1st Birthday Elmo card!

18)Coloring Books! And a new box of Crayons.
(oh the smell of Crayons.... HECK YEAH!!! )

19)The smell of an old book!
I have a Little Womens book thats like a first edition..oh its smells... Magical!!!

Oh its soo great. Sit in the food court with a friend or two. Pick some people out..stalk them.. pretend to say what you think they are saying. OH haha I love that. you see two guys sitting there oddly...pretend they are an undercover gay couple...hahaha....

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