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Dec 14, 2010

Jealousy Is Not Her Friend

Yet again this is not an attempt at clever words in a form of rhyming, such as a poem of any sort. No there is no rhythmic form to this collection of nouns and constants. Just a form of thoughts and feelings woven like a story. A realization being told. From a girl, starting in her mind, traveling to her heart which was carried down to her fingers as they type on the keys of a laptop. A lesson she has learned. She felt before midnight which makes it yesterday, she posted it today, and she will read it again tomorrow.

Of all the things in this world to struggle with
Not drugs or Alcohol, or addictions in all,
This is something new that has come up in her life...
A relationship she has formed... with..Jealousy...but..

Jealousy is (not) her friend.

Why does she feel threatened?
He says "I love you" and she knows he means it.
He calls her beautiful when he looks into her eyes.
He treats her like there is no one else in the world.

Yet Jealousy is (not) her friend.

The simple fact that there is another,
someone who is very beautiful inside and out,
someone who has a part of him that she will never be able to have,
someone who has his past and stands firm in his present and he looks to the future,
someone he calls best friend, instead of her.

Jealousy is (not) her friend.

Knowing that he doesn't think of her in such a way,
knowing that he only loves her as a sister,
knowing that he connects with her on things he loves; such as books and poetry.
Knowing that he calls her his best friend...

Jealousy is (not) her friend.

Reminding her self..
He loves me!
He is here, he stayed for me.
He came back to and for me.
The way he looks into my eyes and traces the shapes on my face with his eyes,
The way he holds me,
He tried to take care of me even when he broke up with me.
Stepping out of his way is a daily task he seems to do for me.
He wrote me a song.
He doesn't plan too far ahead but he says he sees me there...
He opens up to me in a different way.
He puts his arms around me, and we dance in the kitchen,
we dance in the parking lot,
we dance on the gazebo.
We have our own memories and stories to share.

Jealousy is (Not) her friend.

Goodbye you green eyed monster,
Goodbye you whisper of thoughts,
Goodbye to you who planted such hate and anger,
Goodbye to you who shared nothing but lies,
Goodbye to you who encouraged such attitude.

Look Jealousy, Your NOT My Friend!

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