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Mar 9, 2011

Sweet Gesture

Ok so Friday I had a crazy day at work. I work at a friends house. He runs a business out of his home. His wife works with troubled girls as a councilor and they are both very busy. They have two very sweet children a two year old girl and a four year old boy. They are just adorable. My job started off has nanny. It moved into cleaning and now...I pretty much just take care of anything and everything. We joke and say that I am the house manager. I clean and babysit and do whatever needs to be done. Well the family just moved down town and the moving process was (and still is) an ordeal. Friday my boss's parents where coming in town and this was the first time they were going to be seeing the new house. So... cleaning and decorating and just finishing up minor details was a never ending list. During the day Jash came over and surprised me. He gave me a few hugs and some sweet kisses. He talked to me while i cleaned the kitchen and it was just nice to finally get to see him that day. Well sadly he had to leave and I went back to crossing things off my hectic list. All of a sudden I saw his red Chevy in the yard and the excitement of another hug made me smile. Usually when he comes he scares I was prepared. But he never came in... I was beginning to feel very sad. Joey my 4 year old came up to me and handed me a milkshake and a card that said Dearest on the front. "This is NOT from Mr. Jash, Ms. Emily. And he is NOT leaving" With a cute smile and a wink he handed me the gifts. I stood there puzzled and shocked. I ran to the door and the Chevy was gone! I texted him and was said I LOVE YOU!!!!
It was a very sweet gesture and it just made my day. It was that little something that helped me to push through. Later he came back over to help hang up curtains and take out trash and just be Awesome! I appreciated this more than he will ever know!

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