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Mar 26, 2011


Most girls look for shinny things,
Most girls look for new.
Most girls are so pretty,
Most girls like me are few.

Princesses look for Knights.
Princesses look for Kings.
Princesses look for Nobles
But I just look for Right.

What is a Prince to look like?
What is a Prince to wear?
Now If i were to put an ADD out
This is what it would say:

A man of nobility. Of Strength and Valor. One that will stand out compared to the rest. Fighting dragons is not necessary its just for ego and pride. This young woman seeks one who is not of the boastful kind. More from the humble clan. This man is surely to be seen as a man of great faith. No need to ride with such stride on a horse all white. This man will walk and walk in prayer where he will confide, His heart he does not seek to give. For he has a love already. This man does not seek a woman but lets his Lord provide. His Lord, His Father. His God he sets up high. For That first post is taken and there for the second I seek to fill. This man he lives a life that not of his own. No need for flashy armor. No need to say where you'll go. This Prince of mine he wears his heart on his sleeve. I find him easy to believe. Oh this is a Prince Indeed!!! The Prince of mine I shall plead that no other maiden, No Princess or Queen shall seek of me..For this is not a normal Prince...He does not seem to fit in. This is The Misfit Prince. If you are he, I only but wish and plea, That you will come to me.

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